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Zine Publisher
Name: ScoTpress
Type: fanfic, newsletters, clubzines
Fandoms: mostly Star Trek: TOS, some Star Trek: TNG
Status: inactive (for print, their online archive is active)
Other: gen fanzine publisher
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ScoTpress published 145 zines between 1975 and 1996. Founded by Janet Quarton, Sheila Clark & Valerie Piacentini.

The same group also published zines for clubs, 69 for the Star Trek Action Group or STAG (a TOS club) and 19 for IDIC (a TOS/TNG club), for a total of 233 publications. Originally all zine production was through STAG, but then zine production split from it. [1]

"When we did the books for 1980 we found that the turnover for the club was nearly £13500 and we only just got in under the VAT level. We had been producing a lot of zines for STAG and decided we would have to reduce the number we put out the following year to bring the turnover down as registering for VAT was going to create too much work. This, coinciding with the fact that some members found our story policy for STAG zines too restrictive, made Sheila, Valerie and I decide to hand the editing of the club zines over to Sylvia and Beth and to branch out on our own, producing our own zines under the ScoTpress label." [2]

Their first zine was Enterprise Log Entries (at first just called Log Entries). They had a policy of no main character death. Their zine Enterprise Incidents focused on a single author per issue. They also published novels.

Note: Art has been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

ScotPress was one of the few fanzine publishers in the UK to comply with the legal deposit requirement and submitted a copy of each published fanzine to the British Library. Later, when it was learned that they were based in Scotland, the National Library if Scotland also requested their works.

In the late 2011, the publisher also donated a copy of their fanzines, along with Janet Quarton's personal collection of fanzines to the University of Iowa to become part of their fanzine collection. See Janet Quarton Star Trek Fanzine Collection.

Zines Published


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