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You may be looking for Enterprise - Personal Log.

Title: Log Entries from #1-43, Enterprise Log Entries #44-94
Publisher: STAG & ScoTpress
Editor(s): Sheila Clark, Valerie Piacentini
Date(s): 1975-1995
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: ScoTpress online
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Enterprise Log Entries is a gen Star Trek: TOS fanzine that ran for 94 issues.


Available as PDFs

In Autumn 2012, the publisher made these zine available as PDFs at this site.

General Fan Comments

Log Entries' is a British zine, published with relative frequency, and of consistently high quality. A genzine containing fiction and poetry with just a touch of art, its bias is toward K/S/M action/adventure stories that also tend toward characterization. [1]
Six fanzines of potential interest to the enquiring mind have come my way over the past month, so a quick review of each seems to be the fairest way of dealing with then all [see "City" for a list of the other five zines]. STAG's 'ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS' and 'Log Entries' are two all-fiction zines whose very readable contents are let down by the quality of duplication, which in places is difficult to read. [2]
A legend in itself, Log Entries deservedly won the vote for the best British zine series in the most recent competition. Now in the seventies (90!!), it has to be the record breaker for the number of issues published. All submissions are carefully screened by the ScoTpress team, who have a particular and high standard of editing policy. Can I say more? [3]

Title Change

The title of this zine was Log Entries from issue #1 to #43 and switched to "Enterprise Log Entries" with issue #44.
After STAG CON'81 was over, Sheila, Valerie and I found that running the club for nearly six years was catching up with us and we were getting stale so we decided to resign at the end of September and hand the club over to Sylvia Billings, letting her form her own committee. Beth had also decided to resign earlier that year. As Sylvia did not want to carry on with 'Log Entries' as the club zine, preferring to start with a new title, and since Sheila had (jointly with Beth) financed the first issues of Log Entries and edited (or jointly edited) all 43 issues, we decided to take the title over to ScoTpress, renaming it 'Enterprise - Log Entries. [4]

The Editorial Policy Regarding Sexual Explicitness and Death

In 1978, some fans debated whether or not material of a sexual nature (explicit or non-explicit, heterosexual and/or homosexual) would be welcome/tolerated in Log Entries. The editors responded:
Our policy is not to print any story in Log Entries that includes sex scenes, implicit or explicit, homosexual or heterosexual, and letters and comments from our members over the last two years seem to indicate that the vast majority of them agree with us, I believe it possible to write a sensible, mature, intelligent, adult story without descending to cheap titillation by including sex scenes which many find monotonous, even boring; several people I know do not buy adult zines for that very reason. It is also our policy not to print any story in which one of the main characters dies - this because of reader response after we did print one in which Kirk died. That does not mean we are condemning death, just that we recognise that many people do not consider it an acceptable subject for recreational reading. Another point is that most of the homosexual ST stories that have been written are about Kirk and Spock. This we believe puts them out of character. There was nothing in any episode to indicate homosexual tendencies in either; a heterosexual leaning was very clearly shown. (Though I find them out of character in most heterosex stories too.) All magazines have a policy, in our case this is not inflexible. Should the majority of our readers indicate that they want spicy sex stories, wo would give serious thought to providing such stories. [5]


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