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You may be looking for Enterprise Log Entries or Personal Log.

Title: Enterprise - Personal Log
Publisher: ScoTpress
Editor(s): Sheila Clark, Valerie Piacentini
Date(s): 1981-1983
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Enterprise - Personal Log is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology published in Scotland.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Enterprise - Personal Log 1 was published April 1981 and contains 46 pages.

  • Personal Log by Ann Preece (3)
  • Christine - For Love of a Vulcan by Ann Smith (poem) (4)
  • Madness of the Mind by Lorraine Goodison (5)
  • Trusted to Know the Truth by Gillian Catchpole (poem) (21)
  • Child of the Universe by Ann Smith (poem) (21)
  • No Other Choice by Valerie Piacentini (22)
  • More Than Deadly by Kelly Mitchell (23)
  • To Christine by Beryl Turton (poem) (25)
  • In The Midst Of Life by Barry Maxwell (26)
  • A Day of Boredom by Sylvia Billings (28)
  • Well? by Barry Maxwell (30)
  • Like So Many Of Us by Therese Holmes (31)
  • Devil's Advocate by Meg Wright (39)
  • art by Martin Delaney (cover)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

In spite of the title, these are not adult stories. In 01, I recommend 'More than Deadly' by Kelly Mitchell, which takes place after The Deadly Years', the antidote falls to work on Spock! Also 'Devil's Advocates' by Meg Wright, where a group of Klingon escaped prisoners land on a planet colonised by religious Amish descendants.[1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Enterprise - Personal Log 2 was published in April 1982 and contains 53 pages.

  • Chance Meeting by Vicki Richards (1)
  • Heavenly Fire by Karen Hayden (poem) (7)
  • Reunion by Lorraine Goodison (8)
  • The Plains of Brotherhood by Karen Hayden (poem) (11)
  • Hitch-hiker by Janette Burton (12)
  • Rank Hath Its Priveleges by J. Petterson (poem) (16)
  • Willing Sacrifice by Karen Hayden (17)
  • No Doctor… Merely Interesting by D. DaBinett (about Kirk being accused of espionage and how Spock unravels the mystery) (19)
  • Amor, Ergo Sum by Meg Wright (poem) (32)
  • The Place of Challenge by Sheryl Peterson (33)
  • The Everlasting Dream by Karen Hayden (poem) (34)
  • Golden Soul by Karen Hayden (poem) (35)
  • The Demon In The Desert by Sheila Clark (36)
  • Alpha Male by Meg Wright (44)
  • Love's Prayer by Ann Smith (poem) (52)
  • art by Martin Delaney (cover)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Enterprise - Personal Log 3 was published in May 1983 and contains 51 pages.

  • Mine Honour in Mine by Enemy L A Spencer (1)
  • Indivisible by L. A. Spencer (poem) (27)
  • The Soul of the Dove by Jeannie Humphrey (28)
  • The Needs of the One by Janet Stewart (poem) (45)
  • This Simple Feeling by Janette Burton (46)
  • art by Martin Delaney (cover), Paula Mathai


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