Doreen DuBois

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Name: Doreen DuBois
Alias(es): Doreen C. Dubois, D. Dubois
Type: fanzine publisher, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Trek
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Doreen DuBois is a UK fan fiction writer who began writing in 1979. She published zines under the name Doreen DaBinett.

Her Sime~Gen story A Matter of Necessity won a FanQ Award in 2004.

She was a member of The U.K. Group.

Enough fans got this fan, and and another fan confused, prompting Dubois' disclaimer in the zine The Scapegoat: "The D. Dubois who wrote this story, has nothing to do with the Danielle in Canada, and there is no connection except a similarity in name."


Some Zines in Which Doreen Was Involved

A Companion in Zeor ; Bigot! Brother! Bondmate! ; Duet ; If Freedom Fall? ; Hidden Desires and Aftermath ; Inevitable Love ; Mirror Reflections ; A New Future/Out of Bounds ; Nor No Man Ever Loved ; Orbit 30 ; The Protege  ; Replica ; The Scapegoat ; Slightly Duet ; Starwyck ; T'zad'u ; What is Honour? ; When Fate Summons