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You may be looking for the series Out of Bounds by the Houston Crowd.

Title: A New Future & Out of Bounds
Publisher: D. DaBinett
Author(s): Rowena Smythe and Lynn Mitchell
Cover Artist(s):
Illustrator(s): ERIC, Toni Hardeman, and Virginia Lee Smith
Date(s): 1982 (probably August)
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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A New Future & Out of Bounds is a 202-page collection of two K/S slash novels. It also contains "An Anthology of K/S Poetry and Prose." Art is by ERIC, Toni Hardeman, and Virginia Lee Smith.

In 1982, it was mentioned in Duet #5's editorial: "Also coming this year, a two story zine, containing A NEW BEGINNING and OUT OF BOUNDS -- The latter was written, and titled before the OUT OF BOUNDS ZINE in the United States was twinkle in the Editor's eye, and of course has no connection whatsoever with this zine."


  • Out of Bounds by Lynn Mitchell (Spock must help his new lover recover after Kirk is captured and raped..) (a sequel is in Duet #15)
  • a long and detailed editorial by the editor about why she dislikes the most recent Star Trek movie, has relegated it to an alternate universe in her mind, and doesn't want to think or talk about it anymore.)
  • A New Future by Rowena Smythe (After Kirk is forced to retire from Starfleet because of his age, Spock also leaves and becomes a Federation ambassador with Kirk, his bondmate of thirty years, as his assistant.)
  • poetry by Lynn Mitchell
    • Complaint
    • Obsession
    • Silhouette
    • I Am Vulcan
    • After The Web
    • The Gorgon
    • Always You
    • Personal Log
    • Will You Be There?
    • Once More A Man
    • Bewitched
  • poetry by Katy Deery
    • Sarpeidon
    • The Dawn Has Kissed
    • Lori Clana
  • poetry by others
    • Marionette by Angela Evans
    • The Sensory Stone by Ann Smith
    • Untitled by Ann Smith
    • Friends and Lovers by S. Meek