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Name: The U.K. Group
Members: Doreen Dubois, Teresa Hewitt, Jane Jones, Anne Kydd, Sara S. Reynolds and K.S. T'Lan
Date(s): the early 1980s
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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The U.K. Group is a collective of Star Trek:TOS fans who wrote zines together. A similar group: W.H.I.P.S.



Regarding Collaboration

T'zad'u was written by D C Dubois and K S T'Lan, who could be called the founder members. As I remember, one of them wrote all the bits done from Kirk's PoV, the other the bits from Spock's.

The others were written as round robins. There was nothing plotted, just a situation from which the story started, and more than once one of the group threw in a twist that made the next writer do some very creative thinking - which of course kept the story from becoming too predictable.

Inside the zines, the names of the writers were put in alphabetical order; in fact the order of writing was D Dubois, Jane Jones, Sara S Reynolds, K S T'Lan, Teresa Hewitt, Ann Kydd, then back to D Dubois. There was a minimum number of pages each one had to write each time the story reached them, but no upper limit. The story went round the group several times, then when it was finished one of the group went through it to smooth out any hiccups that might have arisen from the transfer from one writer to another (there were actually very few).

What is Honour? and Brother, Bigot, Bondmate were written by the six writers mentioned above. However, when it came to Starwyck, K S T'Lan and Ann Kydd had to drop out for personal reasons, and their places were taken by Martin Sherrif and Emily Wallace. However, during the writing of Starwyck, both of these writers also had to drop out, as did Teresa

Hewitt and D Dubois; Jane Jones and Sara S Reynolds did the final quarter of the story between them, still writing it as a 'round robin'. They felt that it reached a natural conclusion after some 240 pages, though if the others had continued it might well have gone on to be a two-part story, the same as the other three titles. [1]


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