Slightly Duet

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Title: Slightly Duet
Publisher: D. DaBinett
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Slightly Duet is a 168-page K/S Star Trek: TOS slash anthology published in the UK by D. DaBinett. It is a sister zine to Duet.

Summaries from Gilda F.

  • Just When I Needed You Most by Karen Hayden (Spock plans on telling Kirk about his plans to return to Vulcan at the end of the five year mission while they are on shoreleave.)
  • Con-Sternation by Mort D'Arthur (Spock goes to a scifi convention.)
  • Time Between by V. Lowe (Spock receives a mental call from Vulcan he assumes is from Sarek, but is surprised when he and Kirk arrive there to find itʼs from TʼPring.)
  • Analysis by Lynn Mitchell (McCoy decides to give Kirk a push in the right direction after accidently leading of Spockʼs love for their captain in the Vulcanʼs personal log.)
  • Turnabout by Cynthia Drake (After the transfer with Janice Lester is broken, Kirk is resolved to act on the love he saw in Spockʼs mind during their meld.)
  • Though Memories Remain by S. Meek (Spock wakes from a dream of the konikalifee in need of comfort from his bondmate, Kirk.)
  • Price To Pay, A by EDC (Spock is exiled from Vulcan after his affair with Kirk is discovered and he refuses to end it, even though Kirk refuses to commit to him or remain faithful.)
  • Too Deep For Tears by K. Lee Shea
  • Adjoining Rooms by Edie Anders (Kirk and Spockʼs room at a seminar are conveniently next to each other and have an adjoining door. Sequel: Worth A Dram.)
  • Worth A Dram by Edie Anders (Kirk and Spock find out that Mr. Scott is aware of their changed relationship. Prequel: Adjoining Rooms. Sequel: Private Fancies.)
  • Private Fancies by Edie Anders (Kirk, Spock and McCoy go shopping. Prequel: Worth A Dram.)
  • Contact by EDC (While on medical leave, Kirk is reported to his first officer when he becomes too drunk to leave a bar on his own.)
  • Part To Play, A by Katy Deery (Spock is resigned to more despair when it seems that Kirk has made another onquest of a female passenger, until an overheard conversation takes him to McCoy for answers.)
  • Ten Minutes Off or Daytime Friends & Nighttime Lovers by Edie Anders (Kirk and Spock take a brief break from shipʼs business to reconnect as lovers.)
  • One Truth Is Clear by Martin Sherrif (Kirk has problems with his mother when he and Spock finally make it to Earth to explain after she hears of their bonding from the media.)