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Title: Final Frontier
Publisher: Tiger Press, Tiberius Press (authorised reprint)
Editor(s): Cynthia Drake and Pat Hutter (first issue), just Cynthia (second issue)
Date(s): 1982-1983
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Final Frontier is a slash Star Trek: TOS 252-page anthology. Both issues were dedicated to the memory of John Lennon.

Cynthia Drake and Pat Hutter edited the first issue. The second issue was edited only by Drake. In May 1982 (just as the first issue was wrapping up), Drake told fans:

This is to inform anyone concerned-that Pat Hutter is no longer co-editing 'Final Frontier'. I will be continuing the zine on my own and any correspondence at all, including that concerning artwork, should be addressed to me: Cynthia Drake. I would like to add that this decision was reached in an amicable fashion and that there will be no changes in the zine's content. [1]

flyer for issue #1

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Michael Verina
flyer for issue #1

Final Frontier 1 was published in June 1982 and contains 252 pages.

The interior art is by ERIC, Barbara P. Gordon, Elaine Tripp, Pat Hutter, Gayle F, Joan Henke Woods,

Some summaries below are by Gilda F.

  • Editorial (1)
  • Dedication (2)
  • John & Yoko & a Cast of Thousands: Being a Psychedelic Historie of the Man and His Times by Kathy Resch (3)
  • Memorial -- Lyrics by Lennon/McCartney (6)
  • The Breathing Rose 1: Spock by Cynthia Drake (8)
  • Lesson on Yonada by April Valentine (Pre K/S Spock helps Kirk recover from the effects of the Oracleʼs punishment.) (10)
  • Unfulfilled by Captain James T. Kirk (13)
  • ...And Never Parted by Cynthia Drake (A/U When Vulcan secedes from the Federation Spock is forced to return to Vulcan but is called back by the bond he didnʼt know they had when Kirk is trapped during an earthquake on a faraway planet.) (15)
  • Limits by Gene S. Delapenia (40)
  • Thus Spake the Silent Heart by Ellen Kobrin (41)
  • Deneva by Cynthia Drake (43)
  • Deja Vu by Ginna LaCroix (Kor is reminded of a previous meeting with a leader of men when he meets Kirk on Organia.) (45) (also in Trek Encore #1)
  • Tribbles by Cynthia Drake (60)
  • Galaxies in Time by Toni Cardinal-Price (Pre K/S Spockʼs conversation with McCoy while on Omicron Ceti Three explains his later remark about being happy for the first time. Sequel: The Twelth of Never.) (61)
  • Shadow by Gene S. Delapenia (66)
  • The Magician by Lee Owers (67)
  • In the Morning by Cynthia Drake (69)
  • A Shore Leave Together by Sharon Elysen (A Human and Vulcan take a shoreleave together.) (71)
  • Starcall by Elaine Tripp (77)
  • By Worlds Divided by Cynthia Drake (A/U On shoreleave with Gary Mitchell, Kirk buys and frees a Vulcan slave who turns out to be the son of the Vulcan ambassador missing for 3 years.) (79)
  • Separation by Sandra Gent (116)
  • Is This the End? by Joanna Vidal (118)
  • Fucking the Light Fantastic by A.T. Bush (Kirk and Spock have sex in the anti-grav chamber.) (121)
  • The Breathing Rose II: Jim by Cynthia Drake (144)
  • What is it With You Humans? by Joanna Vidal (147)
  • Shoreleave with You: A Beach to Walk On by Barbara P. Gordon (related poem is "Epilog: Another Beach to Walk On" in Alien Brothers) (148)
  • Touching and Touched by Cynthia Drake (After bonding during Spockʼs pon farr, Kirk and Spock are ordered to negotiate a treaty and at the same time be an example of Federation tolerance, but once on the planet, they find that things are not as they seem.) (149)
  • The Breathing Rose III by Cynthia Drake (247)
  • Monsters in the Night by A.T. Bush (Humor: Kirkʼs uncut toenails are giving Spock nightmares.) (249)

Sample Art -- Non-Explicit: Issue 1

Sample Art-- Explicit: Issue 1

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The bulk of the material in this zine is K/S oriented, with some explicit scenes so an age statement is required. The metal strip fastener is not a favorite of mine, and that some printing or layout mixups occured was made obvious by the inclusion of a few pages with blank sides, but the zine is on balance nicely done with few distracting typos and clear print. Though not heavily illustrated, there is some good artwork included. The cover by Verina departs from his familiar pen and ink style to present finely shaded post-movie portraits of Kirk and Spock. There are two versions of [Gayle F's] print, with the second as my choice for solo display. Its larger dark areas make for better balance and highlight the intricacy of the design. Barbara Gordon makes several contributions, one of which is the best piece of hers seen to date. And Eric's Kirk is also noteworthy. The occasional decorative designs help distract the eye, but more such touches might be appreciated.

The quality of the writing is good on the whole, but a few things don't quite measure up. Surprisingly Ginna LaCroix's "Deja "Vu" is one of these. The back ground on Kor drags and the parallels between earlier encounters and the situation on Organia seem forced. There is also a shore leave short that flounders without focus in overlong narrative. But the better pieces more than make up for the few letdowns.

Toni Cardinal-Price introduces some novel notions into paradise in "Galaxies in Time." "The Magician" by Lee Owers is hauntingly powerful. A.T. Bush contributes two stories with a light touch, not too far-fetched. And there are several scattered pieces, primarily meditative interludes, placed in and around aired episodes to expand upon them. "The Breathing Rose" is a three part series of the personal thoughts of Spook and Kirk after their reunion in ST-TMP. The scattered presentation is distracting at first glance, but it does weave a subtle subliminal theme. By far the largest portion of the contents is contributed by Cynthia Drake, who possesses some real talent. Most of her perceptions are very close to the aired chajracterizations. And it is refreshing to see characters, particularly Kirk, not being drastically altered. Flashes of insight combined with a flair for dialog move the stories right along. Kirk is charming, witty, caring and very honest with himself, yet he is also at times impatient, angry or ill-tempered. Very human indeed. And only once is Spock placed outside the customary bounds of his character —in "By Worlds Divided", a very alternate, universe story which turns a more usual theme around to show a Spock who has been stripped of his identity and emotional controls by a mindsifter and subsequently held as a slave. Rescue by a Kirk he has never met opens up a new world to him and the relationship progresses from there.

The major story of the zine is Cynthia's novella, "Touching and Touched", which at 98 pages affords the author the scope to tackle a much neglected aspect of K/S literature—following up that "first time" to examine the adjustments necessary to accommodate these two strong personalities in an intimate relationship. Several areas of conflict are examined as they crop up and are dealt with. Definitive solutions are not always possible, for relationships change as those involved change and grow, but here Kirk and Spock are shown confronting them. The matter of trust, embracing' as it does aspect of insecurity, fear, withdrawal, jealousy and rejection, comes in for repeated attention. Response to outside pressures, mutual support, independence and the struggle to strike a balance of control in the relationship are also considered. There is still plenty of leeway for further speculation, but Cynthia is "definitely on the right track. I admit to not being totally satisfied by the too-pat solution to the mystery in which Spock and Kirk become involved as a sub-plot, but I believe the story achieves its main objectives remarkably well.

Overall I can recommend this zine. to those interested in the K/S theme even as it embraces a physical relationship. The thoughtful treatment of many of the stories provides a lot of food for thought which makes it worth the price. [2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Joan Hanke Woods

Final Frontier 2 was published in 1983 and contains 265 pages. Cynthia Drake was the sole editor. This issue was dedicated to the memory of John Lennon.

The art is by Joan Hanke-Woods, Caro Hedge, Pat Hutter, Suzan Lovett, Gloria Ann Rovelstad, Eric, Susan Wyllie, Elaine Tripp, Gayle F, Barbara P. Gordon.

From a May 1982 submission request:

[Submitted] material doesn't have to be erotic but must be based on K/S premise. No Kirk/Spock death please.

STOP PRESS: This is to inform anyone concerned-that Pat Hutter is no longer co-editing 'Final Frontier'. I will be continuing the zine on my own and any correspondence at all, including that concerning artwork, should be addressed to me: Cynthia Drake. I would like to add that this decision was reached in an amicable fashion and that there will be no changes in the zine's content. [3]

  • Evergreen, poem by Pat Hutter (i)
  • Editorial (1)
  • Dedication to John Lennon (2)
  • The Fool on the Hill, lyrics (3)
  • Shine On, poem by Cynthia Drake (about John Lennon's death) (4)
  • lyrics to "If I Were a UFO" by David Peel (5)
  • Assassin by Teresa Sarick (7)
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Lynna Bright (This is Bright's very first K/S story.) (A complicated Fuck or Die story, features a brass bed, Kirk and Spock are captured after following a terrorist from a diplomatic function and forced to have sex with each other.) (9)
  • Free Me by S'Kas (58)
  • Ilia by Teresa Sarick (59)
  • Mon Seul Desir by Patricia Frazer Lamb (60)
  • Will You Chart the Stars Without Me? (63)
  • For Appearance's Sake by Toni Cardinal-Price (After one passionate night with his captain, and the guilt of the morning after, Spock fled the Enterprise. It has taken him an entire year at Gol to reconcile the two warring halves of his personality. Finally acknowledging his feelings for Jim, Spock returns to Earth to tell Kirk of his love.) (65)
  • Faded Dreams by Toni Cardinal-Price (74)
  • Spock-T'hy'la by Dagmar Buse (76)
  • But Why Are They Laughing? by Cj McNally (77)
  • The Shower by Patt Demetri (78)
  • The Twelfth of Never by Kirk (Sarek makes Spock see that his love for Kirk is more important than Vulcan tradition. Prequel: Galaxies in Time. The author had a sequel ready to be published in the third issue of this zine, but that zine was never printed.) (79)
  • Captain by Patt Demetri (95)
  • Reflections from the Mirror by Susan Wyllie (96)
  • Untitled by Gene S. Delapenia (97)
  • The Flip Side by Kayleen Sybrandt (99)
  • Jimmy Through the Looking Glass by Maria Sekat (humor) (100)
  • K/S Haiku by Sybrandt (104)
  • The Art of Persuasion by Virginia Green (105)
  • All Things Considered by Sandra Gent (106)
  • I Feel by Patt Demetri (106)
  • Let Down Your Barriers by Crystal Ann Taylor (108)
  • The First Time by Kayleen Sybrandt (108)
  • Moment of Revelation by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk and Spock were going to keep their new relationship as bondmates a secret for a while longer Then Spock is injured on a planet survey, and the captain reveals more than he is prepared to show.) (109)
  • Reality: Omicron Ceti III by Sharon Fetter (125)
  • Waiting by Sue Williams (126)
  • Sacrifice by Elaine Tripp (127)
  • Golden Slumbers by Sue Williams (129)
  • Wrigley's Last Stand by Deverly Helm (Humor McCoy is concerned when Kirk decides to stay on the ship with Spock rather than take shoreleave on Wrigleyʼs.) (130)
  • Shore Leave by Patt Demetri (135)
  • Conquest by Fiona James (Kirk and Spock share a dream of human slave and Vulcan master. A master/slave story with a twist.) (136)
  • If I Can by Crystal Ann Taylor (143)
  • Rain by Kathy Resch (144)
  • Communion by Sue Williams (147)
  • Temptations by Sharon F (Kirk and Spock, bondmates now since the start of the second five-year mission, combine their lives and their cultures to make a retreat for themselves aboard the Enterprise. Along with the books from Earth and the lyretle from Vulcan there definitely is a place for chocolate mousse.) (This story inspired a recipe called "Temptation Mousse" (chocolate mousse) by Flora Poste in Amazing Grace #2.) (148)
  • Some of My Lies Are True by Kayleen Sybrandt (156)
  • The Poet by A.T. Bush (After three days spent catching up on reports, Kirk starts finding erotic poems on his desk. Someone is sending the captain some very erotic poetry, and Kirk is certain his bondmate will not be pleased.) (156)
  • Con by Gene S. Delapenia (171)
  • Pro by Gen S. Delapenia (171)
  • Firewood by Kayleen Sybrandt (172)
  • An Inhabited Garden by Cynthia Drake (lt'd been nearly two years since Spock was taken captive and compelled into a life of sexual slavery. He allowed the first forced mental probe to destroy his technical knowledge and tactical information but held tight to his memories of his captain. Someday he knew Jim would find him.) (174)
  • Touching and Touched by Susan Wyllie (252)
  • In the Garden by Kathy Resch (After Genesis, Kirk dreams of his lover and realizes that he will return for Spock.) (255)
  • Contest Annoucement (260)
  • And Always Shall Be by Cynthia Drake (261)
  • Yours by Cynthia Drake (262)
  • Overheard Conversation No. 1 by A.T. Bush (Humor: McCoy warns Spock against one of Kirkʼs bad habits.) (263)

Sample Art -- Non-Explicit: Issue 2

Sample Art-- Explicit: Issue 2

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

See reactions and reviews at In the Garden.

See reactions and reviews for Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

See reactions and reviews for Conquest.

See reactions and reviews for For Appearance's Sake.

See reactions and reviews for The Twelfth of Never.

See reactions and reviews for Jimmy Through the Looking Glass.

See reactions and reviews for Moment of Revelation.

See reactions and reviews for Wrigley's Last Stand.

See reactions and reviews for Temptations.

See reactions and reviews for The Poet.

See reactions and reviews for An Inhabited Garden.

[poem: Chrysalis]: The first thing I noticed about this poem it its choppiness. I don't normally like choppy style, but it's effective here. It gives the impression of images flashing the way an entire life flashes past someone drowning. This is exactly the sort of experience Kirk might have undergone post-TWOK. [4]

[poem: Rain]: I could pay the usual compliments about images and alliteration, but what really draws me to this poem is the theme of bringing life to the land. K/S isn't only a sexual relationship between individuals, but a sacred marriage of the elements of soil and water. This idea has great significance for me. [5]

[zine]: Brilliant by leaps and turns---I thought FF#1 was a true hum-dinger but issue #2 is of equal fabulousness, with some of the most notably gifted of our fandoms best authors, as welll as hot-hot-hot artwork by Gayle Feyrer and Suzan Lovett. Unfortunately Fanlore does not offer that Lovett illo. omg. coud NOT stop ogling, compellingly romantic...sigh. Cynthia Drake's monumental novella,The Inhabited Garden...good grief could any author offer such an authentic characterization of Kirk as well as Spock and most authentic of all, Bones? Sheesh, her narrative was so complex and so involved with just the right touch of suspense as well as a fitting tie-in with a familiar (and much despised)villain.I was completely blown away, also huge rec for The Devil and the Bright Blue Sea, by Lynna Bright, one of the most romantic, most credible endings EVER. Well worth the time to read, get lost in and enjoy! [6]

Submission Request for the Proposed, But Never Published, Third Issue

FINAL FRONTIER #3 is now open for submissions. Stories, poetry, vignettes are eagerly solicited. Double-space your manuscripts please unless sheer bulk makes that impractical, in which case single space will be acceptable, send sufficient postage for return, if that is desired - the same applies to artwork unless specifically commissioned by me. No death stories, stories where Kirk and Spock permanently break up, or stories involving children in sexual situations, please. Seventeen or up is okay. Material does not have to be sexually explicit, but must be based on the K/S premise. Artists drop me a line listing your strengths and preferences - xeroxed samples are good too.

To avoid a repetition of the delays which plagued the last issue, I will not be taking orders or sending out flyers until the zine is ready for the printer. If you send me a SSAE for publication information, expect to wait several months before hearing. Further ads will be posted in this and other publications. Typists are also needed: Send a s.s.a.e. for details, a free copy of the zine for helping out. [7]


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