Fucking the Light Fantastic

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Fucking the Light Fantastic
Author(s): A.T. Bush
Date(s): 1982
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Fucking the Light Fantastic is a Kirk/Spock story by A.T. Bush.

It was published in the print zine The Final Frontier #1.


"Kirk and Spock have sex in the anti-grav chamber."

Reactions and Reviews

How can you not like a story with a title like that? Kirk and Spock are lovers on board the Enterprise after V’Ger, and Kirk has an adventurous turn of mind that leads him to want to try making love in the anti-grav chamber used to periodically accustom the crew to weightlessness. After all, you never know when the gravity controls will short out, leaving everyone floating around the ship. (This is a scenario hardly explored at all in our fandom, somebody should give this a try.)

Spock is understandably reluctant to cavort with his lover in a public place, but Kirk reassures him that only a few people on board have keys to the facility. This is another unusual element in K/S, I’ve never thought of keys on board, they do seem somewhat anachronistic when you can just tell a computer to lock or unlock a door, but for the purposes of this story, keys were necessary!

Kirk employs some questionable sexual blackmail to get Spock to agree to the shenanigans he has in mind, which I suspect Spock would have gone along with even without the great lovemaking his captain subjects him to. So the next night they rendezvous at the chamber, step inside and start floating. It’s a cute scene well told, with the fellows being very playful, Kirk initiating a game of tag, and when they finally settle down near the top of the chamber for some serious foreplay, it seems quite believable to be making love upside down.

There is a fly in the ointment, of course. Scotty is one of those who has a key, and he saunters along the hall to see the activation light on. He curses whoever the careless lad or lassie was who left it on, steps up and deactivates the mechanism, and is frozen in place when there is a loud thump! and a curse unmistakably in his captain’s voice. He glances at a naked first officer bending over an equally naked captain and has no trouble putting two and two together. Talk about being embarrassed. (The author, A.T. Bush, has written a few other stories I can recall that turned on embarrassment, one of them being when Kirk is startled by a surprise birthday party just when he’s stripped down to his skin to seduce Spock.)

Back to the anti-grav. Kirk has broken his arm, he and Spock and Scotty set up a plausible “accident” before they call sickbay so it can be recorded in false terms in the log (a false note, I thought here, even given Bush’s very light-hearted look at life on board the ship. The Captain Kirk I know would not falsify his log except under the most extreme circumstances.) The scene ends with Kirk back in his quarters with Spock wishing that at least he had achieved orgasm before his fall.

“Would that have made falling and your injury more acceptable?” the most accommodating Vulcan in Starfleet asks.

And Kirk tells him, yes, it would have made it “seem worthwhile.” So Spock naturally agrees to try it again tomorrow!

What a Vulcan! And what a cute story, with some very imaginative touches. [1]


  1. from The K/S Press #41