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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Loveslaves
Author(s): Dale Campion
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Loveslaves is a Kirk/Spock story by Dale Campion.

It was published in Alien Brothers. Its working title was "Love Slave Lost."

This story has a prequel called "Love Slaveʼs Song" which appeared in Duet #3. This prequel was written by the same author, Barbara Gordon, using a pseud.

"Loveslaves," which features a sex scene with fisting was rejected by the editor of Duet for being too extreme and dangerous. The story was eventually published unedited in Alien Brothers.

Despite the negative reactions it created, "Loveslaves" was nominated for a Fan Q as Best Star Trek story.

This story ends with "To Be Continued," though it was not continued, at least in any known zine.


Having lost his last chance to escape, Spock finds himself drawing ever nearer to Kirk, only to be abruptly forced from his side.

The Editor of "Duet" Refused to Print This Story

In the editorial in Duet #5, editor restates the acceptance guidelines for her zine: 1) (no death stories, 2) no sexual abuse of children, and 3):
Whilst I am fully aware that sex, by its very nature (excuse the pun) whether heterosexual or homosexual can be highly dangerous...there are, nonetheless, certain acts that if indulged in could cause very serious physical disability, and I will not print stories of this type. Again, I see no reason to defend this decision, except to say that I do have a fair number of young 'gay' readers, (of both sexes),and whilst I understand that these people are highly 'experimental,' I do not wish to be the cause of any serious injury, simply because they tried to emulate any physical act written about in Duet. I am sure other Editors will take the opposite view, and this of course in the spirit of IDIC is their prerogative ... and equally is a matter for their conscience, not mine!**

My reason for giving these guidelines is two-fold; as I said above,to let potential contributors know exact[ly] what I am looking for, and secondly because the sequel to LOVE SLAVES SONG will not now be appearing in Duet; at least, not unless a basic difference of opinion can be resolved,which unfortunately, at the moment, seems highly unlikely. One of the scenes falls well outside one of my guidelines, and Barbara feels that she cannot alter it, as it is an important part of her story, and I respect her decision... as I trust she also respects mine. I was given the option to print, leaving a gap in the story where the particular scene should have appeared. I did not feel I could do this, and I am very sorry for the undoubted disappointment this will cause to a lot of my readers, I have suggested that she approaches various Editors in the States who may not hold the same views as myself, in which case you may still be able to read the sequel, but not unfortunately in Duet.

One final point. My respect for Barbara's work as a writer and artist are limitless, and in the true spirit of IDIC we have agreed to differ, with, I trust, no recriminations on either side. I felt a full explanation of why the sequel was not appearing was due to you, the readers, and whilst, as all my contributors know, I am not a hypocrite, or a hard-line Editor where a matter of principle is involved, I have to exercise my prerogative, as Editor, and not print... ** (So that there is definitely no doubt in anyone's mind; I am of course referring to 'fist-fucking' and 'foot-fucking' - and there is no other way of saying that is there?)

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Reactions and Reviews

The one story [in the zine] I found downright offensive was Dale Campion's 'Loveslaves' In a brief introduction the editor tells us that the story takes place in an alternate universe where the Romulans won the war with Earth, and Vulcan is neutral. She also tells us that the story contains some necessary violence, which does have purpose and meaning, and thus serves to further the plot. . . . ' There is indeed some violence, but even more disturbing are the sex scenes where Kirk treats Spock in a cruel manner that occasionally becomes sadistic. Kirk is the captain of a ship in Starfleet, and Spock, who was found on a Vulcan scientific outpost that Kirk's ship attacked, is blackmailed into being the captain s slave, as Kirk threatens to send Starfleet to attack Vulcan unless Spock agrees to be his servant. Poor Spock, for the sake of Vulcan, agrees, and then is virtually raped by Kirk, right there in sickbay (he had sustained injuries in the attack), even after indicating that he's so innocent and naive he doesn't even understand what Kirk wants from him. The most disgusting part for me was that Spock never seems to hate or resent Kirk, though he is frightened by him and frustrated by his situation at times. Granted, Kirk is gentle with Spock when he chooses to be, but often has moments of inexplicable cruelty. This schizophrenic behavior is never explained. Nor is it ever clear what Spock is thinking, or why he feels affection toward Kirk. The whole situation is pathetic. The story does get better when Spock finally turns the table on the captain and dominates him sexually--which Kirk thoroughly enjoys--and results in a more equal relationship between the two. Though the lengthiest story in the zine, 'Loveslaves' is incomplete and will be continued. I wasn't disappointed, as I have no burning desire to read the remainder of the story. [2]


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