A Touch of Tish

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Title: A Touch of Tish
Publisher: Pat Mitchell; Bill Hupe & Peg Kennedy (US distributors)
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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A Touch of Tish is a slash 123-page K/S anthology of Star Trek: TOS fiction by Tish.


From Bill Hupe: "An anthology of K/S stories and poems by Tish, containing some that are reprints; the balance is all new stories. "You called me freak. Of all the words you could have chosen, that was the cruelest, most hurtful of them all... The Vulcan in me understands why you had to do it... but the Human in me is crying..."


  • A Price Too High?
  • The Art of Seduction (Realizing his desire for Kirk, Spock sets out to seduce him.) (also in Duet #2)
  • Broken Promises (also in T'hy'la #1)
  • Communication Breakdown (Spock thinks all is well between him and Kirk as their new mission begins after VʼGer, but then Kirk begins to withdraw from him.) (also in T'hy'la #3)
  • Dreamer (also in T'hy'la #3)
  • First Times are Never Easy (Kirk has a procedure done in sickbay.) (also in Duet #20)
  • How Can It Be Wrong?
  • Second Time Around (Spock proclaims his love to Kirk, but Jim is hesitate-until he talks to someone who had been in the same situation.) (also in T'hy'la #1)
  • Momentary Lapse
  • Rebirth
  • Boundless Love (also in Enter-comm #2)
  • Human Bond (also in Duet #2)
  • To Share With Thee (Non-K/S story) (also in Duet #20)
  • Name Games
  • A Moment in Time (Before taking the antidote for the Scalosian water, Kirk and Spock decide to christen the bridge.) (also in Duet #20)
  • The Vulcan Constitution (also in Kan't Stop Laughing #2)
  • This Simple Feeling

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