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You may be looking for the TOS zine Enterprise - Personal Log.

Title: Personal Log
Publisher: Tigress Press
Editor(s): Vicki Ashe and Gwen Bolton
Date(s): 1980-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Personal Log is a het Star Trek: TOS anthology.

Issue 1

Personal Log 1 was published in 1980 and contains 62 pages. Art by Vicki Ashe, K.J. Green, Winston Howlett, T. Lupanovich, Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Allyson Whitfield, and Joni Wagner.

Winston A. Howlett
back cover of issue #1, Winston Howlett
From the editorial:
The concept of PERSONAL LOG was suggested to me (dropped in my lap)by a close friend several years ago. Character study-type stories and poems are hard to find, but we managed to get together enough good pieces and great artwork for this first issue. Also, I have found a friend who was willing to help me out with this mission-so-impossible, so that PERSONAL LOG is now a reality. Enjoy.
From the editorial:
As I sit here trying to write my half of this first editorial, only one large question is burning through my mind: "What am I doing here?" My name has not appeared on so much as a collating party list before this, and now, here I am: co-editor of a new zine. How Gwen talked me into this, I will never know. As it is, the real help for getting this project going came not from me, but from a lot of well-known Trekkers that I've never even met.

The basic look of PERSONAL LOG comes from the famous NU ORMENEL Series, thanks to the advice and guidance of Fern Marder and Carol Walske (Gwen is becoming a NU ORMENEL fanatic!). Winston Howlett gave a lot of help with the layout and artistic contributions. Allyson Whitfield warned us about certain publishing pitfalls, and turned out her calligraphy for us in record time. We call ourselves Tigress Press because of (1) Gwen's love for large felines and (2) her creation of two ST-universe characters for herself and Winston — pirates known as the Golden Tiger and Golden Tigress -- for a recent ST convention costume call. (Knowing her, she'll probably talk Winston into writing an entire novel about the two characters!)

Since we are still in shock that this first issue was even completed, we are not sure when PL #2 will be published. But since we are already receiving material for another issue, the only other determining factor is how well this first endeavor is received by our reading public. I am a coward, basically, so I ask you to send my partner any letters of comment. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Issue 2

Personal 2 was published in 1981.

  • Emerald Prince, story (Spock and Uhura become lovers and gods)
  • Growing Pains, story (a McCoy-Joanna story, part one of the Guardian of Forever novelette, a Swahili Series story, and a What If story. Art by Ashe, Bolton, and Howlett. Poetry by Ingrid Cross and Willis.