Capriccio Italien

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Title: Capriccio Italien
Publisher: ScoTpress
Editor: Sheila Clark and Valerie Piacentini
Author(s): Sue Jones
Cover Artist(s): Paul Richardson
Illustrator(s): no interior illos
Date(s): February 1991
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Paul Richardson

Capriccio Italien is a gen Star Trek: TOS 103-page novel by Sue Jones.


The Enterprise picks up a priority one distress call from Leonardo's planet but everyone there denies having sent it. Things, however, are not what they seem. Does the Governor's Klingon servant know more than he's saying? [1]

Reactions and Reviews

I recall reading a LOC somewhere that claimed that early Star Trek fanzines were of better quality than those produced today. I strongly suspect that that person was indulging in a bit of selective nostalgia. Still flushed with satisfaction over Simple Gifts, I next picked up Capriccio Italien, a novel by Sue Jones (put out by ScoTpress, reprinted and available through Bill Hupe). The story was truer to episodic classic Trek, somediing of a mystery-adventure story, with a dollop of hurt-comfort. Both the writing and characterizations were very well done, with wonderful descriptive phrases throughout. Like, Simple Gifts, it had me turning the pages to find out what the author would present to me next. My one quibble with the story was the short prologue, which seemed too vague. While it was an intriguing scene, I found it difficult to figure out how it eventually fit into the story—if it did at all. [2]


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