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Title: STAG Con '81
Publisher: STAG (ScoTpress team)
Editor(s): Sheila Clark
Date(s): March 1981
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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STAG Con '81 is a gen fiction and poetry awards zine produced for STAG Con, a UK Star Trek convention run by Star Trek Action Group.

  • Stop Thief by Meg Wright (3)
  • Betrayer or Betrayed? by Jayne Turner (poem) (14)
  • Siren by S. Meek (poem) (15)
  • Work Out by Therese Holmes (16)
  • Alernative Universe by Ann Smith (poem) (26)
  • The Conning of Captain Kirk by Lynette Muir (27)
  • Blood Fever by S. Meek (poem) (33)
  • Carinna by Patricia Keen (34)
  • A Vulcan Walks Companionless by Lesley Arrowsmith (poem) (47)