Reckless Emotion

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Title: Reckless Emotion
Publisher: Bullwhip Pres, Ltd.
Editor(s): Sally Smith
Date(s): November 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Reckless Emotion is a 188-page gen anthology. It has a tendency towards smarm in places.

From the editorial: "Herein you will find (she said modestly) some of the finest angst (hoo-boy!), bonking (physical and emotional), male bonding (with NO slash) and lots of comfort (not much hurt) ever put between the covers of a zine."

From Zine Scene: "After three agonizing years, it's FINALLY done!!! Yeah!!! At last, you can read some of the finest in unbelievably emotional hurt/comfort."

Artists include Jeanne M., L.C. W., Terry Terry, Catherine Schlein, and Sheila Paulson.

Other people credited include Joe S. as "Computer Wizard and Supplier of Money", Nancy H. as "Typist, Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer", and "Ziggy, the Amiga 3000" for typos.


  • Editorial (2)
  • Valley of the Shadow of Death by L.A. Carr and Rachelle S. (The Equalizer) (3)
  • Homecoming, poetry by Barbara B. (Miami Vice) (27)
  • Post-Christmas Conversation by Merlin (Riptide) (28)
  • Last Tango in the Basement by Terry Terry (Adderly) (30)
  • The Night of the Last Witness by Catherine Schlein (The Wild Wild West) (34)
  • Setting the Record Straight by Merlin (Riptide) (97)
  • The Generic Wallow by Jackie Edwards, Sheila Paulson, and Cindy Rancourt ("parody fill-in-the-blank applicable to any angst-happy fandom") (100)
  • Blood and Soul by Catherine Woldow and Sally Smith (Miami Vice-Stingray crossover) (102)


Sonny reflects on coming back to himself and returning to the OCB after the events of the Burnett Saga.

Blood and Soul

Blood and Soul is set after the episode Deliver Us From Evil. When Sonny is captured by drug dealers, he goes to extraordinary lengths to stop them from interrogating him about the rest of the OCB squad, and Rico and Castillo must join forces to save his mind. Psychic alien princes, man: psychic alien princes.