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For the Harry Potter character, see Sally Smith (Harry Potter).
Name: Sally Smith
Type: fan writer, artist, zine ed, and conrunner
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Star Wars, Stingray, Ladyhawke, Simon and Simon, Magnum, P.I., Indiana Jones, others
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Sally Smith was a fan writer, artist, zine ed, and conrunner in various fandoms in the 1980s and '90s.

Quantum Leap

Sally was a BNF in Quantum Leap fandom, affectionately known as "Lucky Bitch" for to her many visits to the Quantum Leap set and behind-the-scenes access to the cast and crew. She help write and maintain the Quantum Leap FAQL for Usenet, which states:

Sally Smith is our own "Set Elf", otherwise known to the less fortunate of us as the "Lucky Bitch" who resides somewhere in the Bay Area of California. Through some kind of divine providence, she has been granted the blessing of frequent visits to the set of Quantum Leap where she communes with the shining lights of Leapdom and imparts her learnings unto the less fortunate of us on the net (this is where the "Lucky Bitch" comes from). This blessing comes with a price however, in the form of air fare, gasoline and phone bills that when combined, resemble the national debt. This price she pays gladly so that she may share her visits and info with us both on the net and formerly in her mailing list. Unfortunately for all of us, the frequency of her visits have been greatly reduced due to a new studio policy that restricts visits to the sets in their domain.[1]

She was active in online Quantum Leap communities in the early 1990s, especially Quantum Leap topics at, and created The Quantum Leap Primer in 1992.

Sally helped out at Quantum Con 1992 and LeapCon 1993,[2][3] both organized by Creation Entertainment. She was part of the "Quantum Leap Fandom" panel at the '93 convention.

In 1994, she was co-chair for the fan-run QuantumCon, and was part of its "Electronic Fandom" panel.


Sally was the editor for the following zines, published by Bullwhip Press:

She was also a contributor and assistant editor/production assistant for several issues of Quantum Quarterly, started in 1990.

Sally has also contributed fanfiction, fanpoetry, and fanart to other zines, including:

She was also a frequent contributor to letterzines, including Trek Tales and Southern Enclave.


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