Well of the Souls

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Title: Well of the Souls
Publisher: Bullwhip Press
Editor(s): Sally Smith
Date(s): 1982-1991
Fandom: Indiana Jones
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Well of the Souls is an Indiana Jones anthology fanzine. There are six issues.

A flyer for #4 calls it "the only regularly-published Indiana Jones zine."

About the Zine

What makes WOTS unique: One of the contributors to #5 made some comments me awhile back about the zine, and she was right. It's cheap, it's sleazy, it's tacky, it's weird, it's silly, and it's damn proud of itl It has always been that way. I'm in this for the fun of it. You want four-color covers and perfect binding, there are any number of good zines on the market I'll be happy to recommend. What you get with WOTS is, more than anything, an attitude: "Take it easy, kid, it's only a movie." Or maybe, "We're only here for the beer." WOTS' editorial policy has always been: if I like it, I print it. If I don't, I don't. I don't care if you're a big name fan or somebody who just fell off the turnip truck. If it's offbeat or tongue-in-cheek (but well-written, I hasten to add), it's got a home here. And remember, it's all in fun, so don't anybody get huffy about it. Some people are starting to take fandom too seriously. I encourage you to slap me silly if I ever do. [1]

Issue 1

Well of the Souls 1 was published in January 1982 and contains 62 pages. It contains short stories, poetry, art, cartoons, and trivia.

cover of issue #1

Issue 2

Well of the Souls 2 was published in 1982.

cover of issue #2
  • Mabunay by Rena Leith ("Indy and Marcus team up for one last dig—maybe!")
  • You Know? A Drink? by Sally Smith
  • La Maison Dans Paris by Sheila Truax ("How Rene spends his time when he isn't hassling Indy.")
  • The Secret of the Grand Lama (chapter 1) by James Rowland ("A student of Indy's is in China just before the Second World War helping the OSS.")
  • other fiction, non-fiction, trivia quiz, poetry, art, and cartoons

Issue 3

Well of the Souls 3 was published in 1983.

cover of issue #3
  • Interlude on the Bantu Wind by Jeannie Webster ("The scene that didn't appear in the movie!")
  • Provenance by Roberta Rogow. Paris, 1920 ("Indy and Rene meet Corey, a man with no past... and a pure, gold coin.")
  • "Xi-Cna: The Green Goddess by Cheryl Flint ("A mysterious Chinese temple beckons Indy. Then a man disappears inside...")
  • Birds of a Feather by Sally Smith. Indiana Jones and Jake Cutter."
  • Rites of Spring by Barbara T ("Indy faces the greatest challenge of his career—from a VERY unexpected source.")
  • The Secret of the Grand Lama (chapter 2) by James Rowland
  • poetry, filks, non-fiction, art, and cartoons

Issue 4

Well of the Souls 4 was published in May 1984 (second printing: January 1986) and has 104 pages.

cover issue #4, Martynn

The cover is by Martynn, and the interior art is by Cheree Cargill, Cheryl Fint, B.J. Kreuz, Cathy Woldow, and Sheila Truax.

  • Little Bits of Junk, editorial (2)
  • Intercepted Communique, LOCs (6)
  • An Eye for an Eye by Tammy Monfette ("Indy and Belloq are drawn to a mysterious jungle city for the legendary jewels it is said to hold. What they find there is more than they bargained for...or could conceive of in their wildest dreams—or worst nightmares.") (10)
  • puzzles by Marci Erwin (29)
  • The Exhibit by Carol-Lynn Sappe ("A handsome archaeologist and his beautiful assistant try to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant from its hiding place. If you think you've heard it before, you're wrong—because this archaeologist's name is Marcus B. Jones and this is today!") (32)
  • What I Did on my Summer Vacation, part 1 by Sally Smith and Cathy Woldow (a Worldcon con report.) (46)
  • Raiders One More Time by Cathy Woldow (50)
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes by Tana Christenson (53)
  • Well of Souls by Barbara T. (53)
  • Repercussions by Jeannie Webster (54)
  • Wartime Adjustments by Jeannie Webster (60)
  • As Time Goes By by Jeannie Webster and Sally Smith ("A few small incidents from the life and times of Dr. and Mrs. Jones, from 1939 to 1983. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always containing more in jokes than you can imagine!") (72)
  • Bazaar, zine listings (103)

Issue 5

Well of the Souls 5 was published in January 1986. A two-time BALROG nominee.

The art is by Gerald Crotty, Jean Ellenbacher, Cheryl Fint, Pat Posadas (cover), William Rostler, Terelle Terry, and Cathy Woldow.

cover of issue #5, Pat Posadas
  • Little Bits of Junk, editorial (2)
  • Intercepted Communiques, LOCs (4)
  • Anything Goes by Jeannie Webster ("In 1937, Indy and Marion decide to visit a nightclub. when Indy recognizes the blonde singer, things get...uh...interesting between Willie and Marion!") (7)
  • Filks by Marguarite P. O'Rourke (17)
  • Raiders of the Last Fridge by Ros Wheadon ("A satirical script. The Nazis have stolen Indy's refrigerator, and he's the only one who can save the world from being flooded with frozen sauerkraut ——but he should've read the script first. or at least avoided Elstree!") (18)
  • Trivia Quiz by Deanna MacKenn (29)
  • As Time Goes By - Epilog by Jeannie Webster and Sally Smith ("It's the l980's and Indiana Jones' memoirs have hit the best—seller list. A couple of guys named George and Steven think the book would make a great movie--but they'll have to deal with Indy's skepticism, Harrison's business acumen, and the grandkids' requests to get the rights.") (31)
  • Lucas and Spielberg: The Continuing Saga, article by Beth M. Lentz (43)
  • What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 2 by Sally Smith and the WOTS crew ("Just what was going on with all those weirdos at the L.A. Worldcon." (44)
  • Give Me a Break by Mary Teel (47)
  • Tinseltown by Roberta Rogow ("Willie and Shorty return to America and fall in with evil companions- like William Randolph Hearst. Katharine Hepburn. F. Scott Fitzgerald, David Niven, Louis B. Mayer...not to mention the Chinese thugs who are out to get Indy and Shorty in revenge for Lau Che's son’s death...and a natural disaster or two.") (48)

Issue 6

Well of the Souls 6 was published in 1991.

cover of issue #6

From a submission request in Zine Scene: "Due out for MediaWest 1991. After a hiatus, WOTS returns for its final (sob) issue. Going back to my original philosophy of a quality zine that you don't need a fork-lift to pick up, or a bank loan to buy, this will feature more of the adventures of Henry and Junior in "Here Abide Monsters" by Sheila Paulson. It'll be less than 100 pages. It'll be less than $10.00."


  1. ^ from Pop Stand Express #17