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An open letter is a letter that is intended to be read by a wide audience. Open letters can take the form of a letter addressed to an individual but provided to the public through letterzines, mailing lists, personal journals, blogs, and other media. An open letter can be written by one person or by a group. Some open letters contain a legal stance that, while mailed to an individual, is meant to be publicized so that others are aware of its content.

Motivations Behind Open Letters

  • to state the author's position on a particular issue
  • an attempt to start or end a wider dialogue around an issue
  • to criticise someone else's actions
  • to attempt to focus broad attention on the letter's recipient, prompting them to some action
  • to make public a communication that must take place as a letter for reasons of formality
  • to publicly apologize to as many fans as possible
  • as a fandom flounce
  • for humor value

Examples of Open Letters in Print Fandom

See Category:Open Letters.

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