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Title: Quantum Quarterly
Publisher: Buffalo Chip Press
Editor(s): Christine Mavroudis was the editor and Jim Rondeau and Melody Rondeau were the printers until issue #20 when the Rondeaus took over the editing as well
Type: letterzine, newsletter
Date(s): 1990-1998
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Quantum Quarterly is a gen newsletter that ran for 34 issues, approximately 12 pages per issue. Jim Rondeau took over editing duties starting with issue #20.

In 1991, this zine had 900 subscribers.

It was the winner of the 1992 Fan Q Award for best Quantum Leap newsletter.

The zine ended with issue #35/36 in 1998. [1]

The issues are online here.

Issue 1

Quantum Quarterly 1 was published in Spring 1990.

Issue 2

Quantum Quarterly 2 was published in Summer 1990 and contains 12 pages.


  • Subscription Information
  • Editorial
  • Pic: Volare sung in "Double Identity"
  • Episode Guide
  • Third Season Opener (NBC News Release)
  • Pic From The Past: Eisenhower & Lutz
  • News
  • Biography: Dean Stockwell
  • Pic: "James" Dean Stockwell
  • What We Know
  • Leaper Exam
  • Leapin' Letters
  • Next Time
  • Quantum Qulassified

Issue 3

Quantum Quarterly 3 was published in Fall 1990 and contains 12 pages. The letter column was not printed "due to lack of space and the overwhelming mail because of our exposure in USA Today and on the A.P. newswire."

Issue 4

Quantum Quarterly 4 was published in Winter 1991. In this issue the editors reduced the typeface to 8 point in order to include more content at the same price.

Issue 5

Quantum Quarterly 5 was published in Spring 1991.

Issue 6

Quantum Quarterly 6 was published in Summer 1991. In this issue the editor gives thanks to Jim Rondeau and Melody Rondeau for printing and assembling the newsletter. They "tackle the enormous chore of having each issue printed, stapled (by hand), stuffed, individually typed labels applied, stamps adhered and finally mailed. And they do this virtually by themselves."

The editor also described how their newsletter ended up being mentioned in USA Today: they had been contacted by a publicist at NBC who wrote an article about the fanzine in Los Angeles Tiems. The story was picked up and word spread.

From the October 4, 1990 LA Times article:

"Quantumania: "Leapers," as in fans of the NBC time-travel drama "Quantum Leap," can now indulge all of their subatomic fantasies about Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in the Quantum Quarterly. Published four times a year by a duo in the Bay Area's scientist-rich Silicon Valley, the newsletter includes profiles of the show's stars, feedback from subscribers, plot summaries and even a layman's lesson in quantum physics. Interested time travelers should contact....."[1]

A similar article published a year later in the LA Times can be found here.

Issue 7

Quantum Quarterly 7 was published in Fall 1991.

Issue 8

Quantum Quarterly 8 was published in Winter 1991.

Issue 9

Quantum Quarterly 9 was published in February (Leap Year) 1992.

Issue 10/11

Quantum Quarterly 10/11 was published in Spring 1992 and contains 24 pages. Editorial duties were passed to Kathy Dunn and Elizabeth Ford.

Issue 12

Quantum Quarterly 12 was published June 1992.

Issue 13

Quantum Quarterly 13 was published in Fall 1992.

Issue 14

Quantum Quarterly 14 was published in December 1992.

Issue 15/16

Quantum Quarterly 15/16 was published in Spring 1992 and contains 24 pages.

Issue 17

Quantum Quarterly 17 was published in Summer 1993.

Issue 18

Quantum Quarterly 18 was published in Fall 1993.

Issue 19

Quantum Quarterly 19 was published in Summer 1994. The editorial was written by Jim Rondeau who reported that the home of a family member of Kathy Dunn's was destroyed in a gas main fire which delayed the production of issue 19.

Issue 20

Quantum Quarterly 20 was published in Winter 1994.

Kathy Dunn formally stepped down as editor and Jim Rondeau took over editorial duties. He reminds subscribers that the newsleter is heavily dependent on submissions of news and photos and letters from fans now that the show has been canceled and the production team scattered to the four winds. He noted that 50% of the subscriptions expired with this issue and wishes the readers well if they choose not to renew.

The issue also contained an interview with fan artist Kate Nuernberg: In the Picture with Kate Nuernberg

Issue 21

Quantum Quarterly 21 was published in Spring 1995.

Issue 22

Quantum Quarterly 22 was published in Summer 1995.

Issue 23

Quantum Quarterly 23 was published in Fall 1995.

Issue 24

Quantum Quarterly 24 was published in Winter 1995.

Issue 25

Quantum Quarterly 25 was published in Spring 1996.

Issue 26/27

Quantum Quarterly 26/27 was published in Summer 1996.

Issue 28

Quantum Quarterly 28 was published in Fall 1996.

Issue 29

Quantum Quarterly 29 was published in Winter 1997.

Issue 30

Quantum Quarterly 30

Issue 31

Issue 32

Issue 33

Issue 34

Issue 35/36

Issue 35/36 was published in 1998. It was the last issue.


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