In the Picture with Kate Nuernberg

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Interviews by Fans
Title: In the Picture with Kate Nuernberg
Interviewee: Kate Nuernberg
Date(s): Winter 1994
Medium: print, online
Fandom(s): Quantum Leap
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Kate Nuernberg was interviewed about Quantum Leap and fan art for Quantum Quarterly #20.

Some Excerpts

[My drawings are based on photographs]... doing illustrations rather than just portrait pieces, you have to borrow body posed from other sources and use them with a proper head shot of Sam or Al. But I wouldn't draw just any Gap model and put Sam's head on him. You have to find on that's the same body type and standing in a 'Sam' pose.".... The problem with basing art on publicity shots is that when readers recognize the photo, they are yanked right out of the story they are reading. And in most publicity photos, Scott and Dean are looking directly at the camera, not relating to the scene, so there's less expression.
Dean's hard to draw because he seldom stands still long enough to get good source photos. But ask any QL artist, and I'll bet they'll agree with me on his most difficult feature -- his earlobes!