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Zine Publisher
Name: The Rondeaus/Buffalo Chip Press
Contact: Jim Rondeau
Type: fanzine publisher and agent
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Multimedia, Star Trek: TNG
Status: active
URL: Make It Go Away
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Jim Rondeau and his wife, Melody Rondeau ("The Rondeaus") have been editing and publishing fanzines for over 3 decades.

They are a well-known presence at fan-run conventions, offering to agent new and used fanzines for both zine publishers as well as individual fans. Their consignment policy. See more at Make It Go Away.

Their digest-sized multi-media fanzine The Clipper Trade Ship ran from 1976 to 1997.

In 1991, the editor of the Quantum Quarterly described her introduction to the Jim and Melody Rondeau: "I met the Rondeaus when we were both working staff at a media convention in San Jose called Timecon. When Star Trek: The Next Generation appeared October 1987, I approached Jim with the idea of a digest-sized newsletter focusing on the actor, Brent Spiner and his character, Data. Within a few weeks we produced the first ST:TNG zine, Data Entries; it's currently up to issue #12 under the expert editorship of Melody." The Rondeaus were also responsible for the assembling and distribution of Quantum Quarterly.


  • 1996 FanQ Honorable Mention, QUANTUM LEAP -- STAND ALONE ZINE -- GEN, The Return-- Barbara Walton, editor/publisher Jim Rondeau
  • 1992 FanQ Award: Letterzine/Newsletter: Data Entries #13/14 (Jim & Melody Rondeau)

Published Fanzines