Josephine Darcy

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Name: Josephine Darcy
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: The Sentinel
URL: (Josephine's Place)
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Josephine Darcy is a fan writer.


See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Josephine Darcy.

Fan Comments

Josephine's stories were one of my oldest loves and every time I come across them today, I am overwhelmed by nostalgia. "Choices" is what I would have loved to see on the show post-Alex, whereas Josephine's collection of fandom clichés in "Things You Learn From Slash" is so spot-on I'm usually in hysterics when I reach no. 110. "Without Love" is a prime example of her longer works. They are all very well written, but often a bit too emotional. Nonetheless, Josephine is very good at balancing Jim and Blair's characters and believably brings across Jim's repression while depicting him as being aware of it and having the capacity to overcome it after some soul searching. The tangible bond she paints between Jim and Blair is beautiful, but in places too reliant on their roles as Sentinel and Guide. [1]



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