Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Josephine Darcy

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with Josephine Darcy
Interviewer: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Interviewee: Josephine Darcy
Date(s): 2000?
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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Josephine Darcy was interviewed for Sentinel Slash Virtual Season.

Part of a Series

See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

I got irritated with Paramount for never doing anything interesting with the relationships on Voyager (thought Chakotay and Janeway would be such a cute couple!!), so I got curious as to whether or not anyone else on the net ever actually thought about the relationships of their favorite characters. I saw a brief mention of 'fanfic' in passing on a web site---went to check it out, and discovered an absolutely incredible Kirk/Spock story by Killishandra called "Turning Point"; and it really was a turning point for me! (Forget Chak and Janeway----can't see him with anyone other than Paris now!)
Saw the show a couple of times; thought the boys were cute. Then I discovered that Emma Woodhouse writes Sentinel Slash. I was hooked after her story "The Haunted Grove".
So far all my stories have featured Blair primarily as the 'bottom'---but that wasn't really a conscious decision on my part. I do see Jim as being the more physically dominate of the two---the way he's always pushing Blair into walls and stuff. But I think Blair controls the relationship. As such, I suspect Blair would be an equal opportunity employer.
More angst than owies---though there's nothing wrong with owies--as long as there's some serious h/c going on. And I don't really like permanent owies---or permanent angst for that matter.
Nope. Not into threesomes--don't write them, don't read them. Okay--that's not true--I did read one story--a Sentinel/Voyager crossover where there was a threesome with Kim/Paris/Blair that actually worked for me. But that was only because the Kim/Paris pairing was so strong, no chance of anyone coming between them---and because Blair was just there because he needed comfort. I can't see it working on a permanent basis.
Mostly I've written Sentinel. But I absolutely love Star Wars---particularly Han/Luke--though there's almost none out there on the net <sigh> (Hey--Aly, any chance you'll write some??); and of course Obi/Qui. Also love Highlander, Due South, Pros, Star Trek, X-files. And I'm also into the anime stuff---YYH and Gundam Wing.