The Way Back (Blake's 7 anthology by various authors)

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Title: The Way Back
Publisher: Waveney (Judith Proctor and Jean Graham), the agent was Bill Hupe
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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The Way Back is a gen 139-page Blake's 7 charity zine anthology, published simultaneously by Judith Proctor and Jean Graham in the UK and the US. It contains a forward by Paul Darrow, who played Kerr Avon in the show.


Judith Proctor wrote:

"'The Way Back' is unusual in fanzines in that it was jointly edited by two fans on opposites sides of the Atlantic who to this day have never actually met each other... It was published in two editions, quarto in the US and A4 from me. Both editions contain the same stories and the same artwork, the only minor differences are in the page layout." [1]

Jean Graham wrote:

Though she had never met Leigh, Judith Proctor heard of her accident and wanted to help. She suggested a benefit zine, christened it 'The Way Back', and wondered if we could simultaneously publish it on both sides of the Atlantic. It's been an interesting experiment - helped greatly by the speed advantage of e-mail - but here it is. The zine will be available from Peacock Press in the U.S. and from both Judith Proctor and Horizon: The B7 Society in the U.K.[2]

From an ad:

"This is a very special anthology with a very special goal, simultaneously brought to the US by Jean Graham and the UK by Judith Proctor. The Way Back is a benefit zine with the proceeds going to help pay fan/writer Leigh Arnold's medical and therapy expenses. Leigh took a nearly-fatal fall from a horse and was not expected to come out of her coma but she has and is on a slow and expensive road to recovery. Included in the zine is a special forward by Mr. Paul Darrow. From Pre-Series A to Post-Gauda Prime the stories unfold in order ... beginning with Shadow by Irene Stubbs - From the first page of this zine we are reminded of Travis' obsession with Blake. Pets by Judith Proctor - here is how things might have happened if pets had been given their due role ... Pulling Strings by Marian Mendez —what if Gan was intentionally placed with the other members of Liberator and it is all a carefully thought out plan of a puppet-master? Remember Me by Helen Parkinson — When Avon agrees to help Blake break through his conditioning the matter takes a wild turn when the computer tech discovers his own forgotten past ... and the tie he had with Roj Blake long before the Liberator. Command by Neal Faulkner - Unable to feel grief, numb to physical and emotional pain, one who knew Blake survives with only one goal - to avenge him. Anniversary by Anna Richmond - As the Empire celebrates its 25th anniversary of the downfall of the Federation, its leader recalls Gauda Prime and the final lines of dialogue in the tracking gallery take a strange twist ... There is also a post Gauda Prime novella by Vega, filks, poetry, puzzles, photos, art, and many mores stories."



  • Shadow by Irene Stubbs (5) (2 pages)


  • Riches by C. K. Smith (7) (1 page)
  • Vocation by Patti E. McClellan (8) (1 page)
  • Rosa by Judith Proctor (9) (4 pages)


  • Pets by Judith Proctor (14) (2 pages)
  • The Morning After by Russell Massey (16) (3 pages)
  • Pulling Strings by Marian Mendez (19) (6 pages)
  • Remember Me by Helen Parkinson (25) (8 pages)


  • Resting by David A. McIntee (34) (2 pages)
  • The Liberator Crew Go Shopping by Peter Borg (36) (3 pages)
  • Retribution by Jean Graham (39) (2 pages)
  • Behind Blue Eyes by Catherine Kendall (41) (15 pages) art - Whitby27 p40


  • Substitute by Judith Seaman (56) (10 pages) art - Kathryn Anderson
  • Orbit—The Final Alternative by Neil Faulkner (66) (1 page)
  • Booty by Neil Faulkner (67) (2 pages)
  • Which If Not Victory, Is Yet Revenge by Chris Long (69) (5 pages) art - Whitby27


  • Committed by Neil Faulkner (75) (1 page)
  • Rest In Peace by Judith Proctor (76) (1 page)
  • Question Time by Neil Faulkner (77) (1 page)
  • Anniversary by Anna Richmond (78) (1 page)
  • Reminiscences by J.R. (79) (4 pages)
  • Investments by Vega (83) (50 pages) art - Lucia Casarella Moore


  • Entries for the worst possible opening for a story (142) (5 pages)


  • Thirteen About the Seven by Mark W. Johnson (18) (1 page)
  • Word Search by Mark W. Johnson (35) (1 page)
  • Word Search with Clues by Andrew Down (55) (1 page)
  • Solutions to all puzzles (148) (1 page)


  • Faith by Judith Proctor (3)
  • The Scorpio Song by Judith Proctor (14)
  • Once a Jolly Rebel by Judith Proctor (15)
  • Life Sentence by Anne Stullken (18)
  • Sanity Slain by Melissa Mastoris (33)
  • Once and For All by Melissa Mastoris (40)
  • Sleight of Hand by Michelle R. Moyer (65)
  • The Price of a Legend by Anne Stullken (66)
  • Ode on a Psychopathic Computer by Anon (68) art - Whitby27
  • Jenna's Last Moments by Melissa Mastoris (75)
  • Only Time Heals by Anne Stullken (76)
  • Bring Back Blake's 7 by Judith Proctor (82)


Fandom in Action

The forewords from Darrow and the editors all dwell on the power of fandom and the relationships fandom has created:

Paul Darrow: The wonder of, "fandom", and all of who who become involved with it in one way or another, is that, when push comes to shove, we care about each other. We care enough to have arguments and to vent our spleen over differences of opinion and we care enough to put any differences aside when circumstances dictate.

We now have an opportunity to show how much we care for Leigh.

I do not doubt that, without exception, everyone with whom I have come into contact in, "fandom", will show they care and we, the actors, will look forward to the day when Leigh is quite well again. With our support and her guts, she cannot fail.[3]
Jean Graham: Responses to our fundraising from the global fan community - in the form of prayers, good wishes and both zine and monetary donations - has been extremely encouraging. Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you from your contributions.[4]
Judith Proctor: To me, fandom is people - Blake's 7 fandom has brought me friends on three continents. I've met people through local fan club meetings, letterzine, the Blake's 7 list on the Internet, conventions, zine editing, etc. And they are great people - thoughtful, amusing, provocative - Blake's 7 seems to attract interesting people. I like to think of us as a community - scattered globally, but still a community. Leigh was a part of that community, and, in the end, we look after our own. ... It's a big world out there. Wars and international politics we can do nothing about, but on a small level, we can sometimes make a difference.[5]
'Faith' (poem) by Judith Proctor: Jean would say God's love unbounded/Reaches out to all who live;/I would say that human nature/Flawed, imperfect though it is -/ Makes us want to help another,/ Past the bounds of race and clime,/ Makes us want to know each other,/ Makes us reach 'cross sea and time. ...[6]


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