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Name: Lucia Casarella Moore
Alias(es): Lucia C. Moore, Lucia Cassarella Moore
Type: fan art
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Star Trek
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Lucia Casarella Moore is an American fan artist active in the 1990s, primarily known in the Blake's 7 fandom. She is responsible for the covers of multiple zines, including Gambit issues 7–14, Star Three, Horizon Newsletter 29, Beloved Adversary, A Delicate Balance, Checkers, Fatal Collision and The Way Back.

Her artwork is gen and usually colour. Most includes Avon, but she has also depicted all of the human crew characters as well as Servalan. Her work often features two or three portraits against a dark background.

Her work was usually well received. Pat Nussman says about Jean Graham's Gambit series, her cover artist is one of fandom's talents.[1] Judith Proctor comments on Fatal Collision: The zine has a colour cover of Avon by Lucia Cassarella Moore which my friend thinks is wonderful and I think is good. It's farly dark, as is Lucia's wont.[2]

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