Fatal Collision

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Title: Fatal Collision
Author(s): Mary Mozley Robert
Cover Artist(s): Lucia Casarella Moore
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Fatal Collision is a 123-page adult het Blake's 7 novel by Mary Mozley Robert. Lucia Casarella Moore is the front cover artist.

cover by Lucia Casarella Moore, the title of it is "She is Never Far From My Thoughts"

From a 1993 ad in GAZ: " Pursuing revenge on Servalan, Avon is forced to return to his home planet and confront his past."

From the author's foreword: "If you enjoyed this zine, please don't photocopy it. Buy one so I can afford to produce a sequel. If you didn't like it, please don't tell me about it. I cry easily."

Some Production Notes

This document was produced on a cheap 9-pin printer using ImagePrint, an amazing yet inexpensive print quality enhancement program. It is available as shareware on many bulletin board systems, or from the designer: IMAGE Computer Systems, P.O. Box 647, Avon, CT (really!), 06001, [telephone number redacted], call after 7 p.m. EST.


From Media Monitor: "A PGP space opera with sex, blood and lots of angst. Having escaped from Servalan, Avon returns to his home planet and must come to terms with the vestiges of its backward culture in himself, while his female companion evolves from victim to partner."

Reactions and Reviews

When I was loaned this zine, my friend commented, "You'll enjoy this if you forget about B7 and just settle down for a story."

I didn't get very far into it I'm afraid. About the point where Avon was bleeding to death after several months of continuous torture by Servalan and another character rescued him because Avon is one of the Eleven Lords of Kasereth, I just knew I wasn't going to like it. I just have this inbuilt aversion to stories where Avon is a hereditary ruler of another planet. I've read several in my time and they were all distinguished by being dire.

Skimming through other bits of it, it seems to be one of these zines where there is lots of sex, but it isn't terribly explicit. I think I'd count this as an adult zine, but not by a very large margin (but I haven't read every page) According to the introduction page, it is not erotica, but does contain adult language and situations and is not for sale to under 18s.

It also appears to be written by a fan of 'Avon a Terrible Aspect'. Avon's first name is Kergeulen and there's a double-edged, serrated knife...

This isn't necessarily a bad zine, it just isn't the type I enjoy. The only characters from the series are Avon and Servalan and there are several new characters. The writing is reasonably good, I just don't like the story. It doesn't feel like Blake's 7, and for me, the point of reading a B7 zine is that it should feel like B7.

The zine has a colour cover of Avon by Lucia Cassarella Moore which my friend thinks is wonderful and I think is good. It's fairly dark, as is Lucia's wont. [1]
Two novels I got, FATAL COLLISION and SECOND CHANCE, have no Blake. Need I say, these two will soon be getting a new owner (sell/trade/give away) or see the inside of a round file (if I'm feeling really lazy). I try not to waste zines, but sometimes it happens. I am not criticizing these two since I never bothered to read them. It's just that there's no Blake so I don't want them taking up space, space which I do not have to spare. [2]


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