Medical Investigation

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Name: Medical Investigation
Creator: Jason Horwitch
Date(s): September 9, 2004 – March 25, 2005
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Medical Investigation was an American medical drama television series on NBC. The series stars Christopher Gorham (who went on to star in Harper's Island and Covert Affairs) as Dr. Miles McCabe and Neal McDonough as Dr. Stephen Connor, as well as Anna Belknap (who went on to star in CSI: NY) as Eva Rossi.


The series featured the cases of an elite team of medical experts of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who investigate unusual public-health crises, such as sudden outbreaks of serious and mysterious diseases.

Had an official crossover with Third Watch, which had it's own crossover with ER, thus all of them share a universe.


Medical Investigation is a fairly small fandom, most of the fanworks are fanfiction which are mainly posted to and LiveJournal but are still active as of 2015. Some fanworks are being posted to Archive of Our Own as well.

Some common crossovers for the fandom is for the actors other shows: CSI: New York, Tin Man, and Covert Affairs.


  • Dr. Stephen Connor/Dr. Miles McCabe
  • Stephen Connor/Natalie Durant



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