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Title: Power Star
Editor(s): Kimberly Murphy, MRK and Gerald Lee Seward (sometimes referred to as Jerry Seward)
Date(s): 1980s, 1990s
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: multimedia
External Links: wesbite archive 1 & website archive 2 & a Twin Peaks USENET site with Power Star info, issues 66, 71-117 (archived)
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Power Star is a gen zine with the subtitle, "The Imagination Anthology."

From a 1991 ad in The Clipper Trade Ship: "TYPISTS WANTED for POWER STAR fanzine. Must have computer and letter quality printer. You will receive free issues. If you would like to help, write to Jerry Seward..."

From an early 1997 ad: "POWER STAR, the monthly multimedia science fiction fanzine, needs QUANTUM LEAP fiction. Not everyone has a computer and with POWER STAR, you have the chance to have your work read by more people - not just those on-line. Check out the POWER STAR Home Page at: http://members.aol.com/kimmurphy/private/pshome.html for info on how to submit. Snail-mail submissions may be sent to Kimberly Murphy-Smith... " [1]

Many issues are archived here.

Issue 0

  • "The Primitives of Procyon," an original short story.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12

Issue 13

Issue 14

Issue 15

Issue 16

Issue 17

Issue 18

Issue 19

Issue 20

Issue 21

Issue 22

Issue 23

Issue 24

  • part one of "Trapped on Qo'noS" -- a multi-part ST:TNG story by D. Lynn Bivens called "Trapped on Qo'noS" (set on the Klingon homeworld)

Issue 25

  • part two of "Trapped on Qo'noS" -- a multi-part ST:TNG story by D. Lynn Bivens called "Trapped on Qo'noS" (set on the Klingon homeworld)

Issue 26

  • part three (conclusion) of a multi-part ST:TNG story by D. Lynn Bivens called "Trapped on Qo'noS" (set on the Klingon homeworld)
  • Catatonic by D. Lynn Bivens (Batman)
  • a story by M.J. Rudy (Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons )
  • possibly an Alien Nation story

Issue 27

Power Star 27 was published in June 1990 and contains 14 pages.

The art is by Nola Frame-Gray.

  • News (2)
  • Jedi Nightbreed, fiction by D. Lynn Bivens ("Science fiction meets dark fantasy as Luke Skywalker is brought into the gory domain of the Nightbreed.") (Star Wars/Nightbreed) (3)
  • CAT-atonic!, conclusion, fiction by D. Lynn Bivens (explicit adult content, non-con, Batman and Catwoman) (6)

Issue 28

Power Star 28 was published in 1990.

  • "Deeper Within," a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST story.

Issue 29

  • "Love, Lasers, and Losers," a "V" story.

Issue 30

  • "Revenge is a Double-Sided Coin," part one of a BATMAN story.

Issue 31

  • "All the Kingpin's Men," part one of a five-part SPIDER-MAN story; part two of "Revenge is a Double-Sided Coin"; more.

Issue 32

  • "Pieces," part one of a three-part CAPTAIN POWER story.

Issue 33

  • "Twenty Years Later," a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST story. Also: Conclusion of "Revenge is a Double-Sided Coin"; part two of "All the Kingpin's Men."

Issue 34

  • Part two of "Pieces."

Issue 35

  • "A Serpent in Paradise," part one of a TOTAL RECALL story.
  • "Beware of a Fool's Mate," the first Twin Peaks story by Kimberly Murphy. (Agent Cooper has been shot again, the Giant appears witha riddle and Diane arrives in Twin peaks)

Issue 36

  • "Through a Glass, Darkly," a BATMAN story.

Issue 37

  • Part three of "All the Kingpin's Men."

Issue 38

  • "Shadows," an original short story about a woman fleeing marital trouble who finds deeper trouble in the woods. Also: Conclusion of "Pieces"; "Last Myth," an original fantasy tale.

Issue 39

  • Part two of "A Serpent in Paradise"; book reviews; more.
  • "Two Pronged Attack" the second of Kimberly Murphy's Twin Peaks story (the mystery of Windom Earle's chess game deepens and Audrey discovers something surprising about Diane's relationship to Dale)

Issue 40

  • "Down at the End of Lonely Street," part one of a FRIDAY THE 13TH story; "A Solitary Man," a STAR TREK poem; more.

Issue 41

  • "Zara," an original SF story about a beautiful alien and the lengths two warring commanders - one her common-law husband, one her lover and the father of her child - go to protect her. Also: interviews with science fiction authors P.E. Cunningham and S.P. Somtow.

Issue 42

  • "Only Half the Man," part one of a three-part MANIMAL story.
  • Part 1 of "Bride Between Worlds" in Kimberly Murphy's Twin Peaks universe (continuing the saga of Dale and Diane and resolving the series cliffhanger - Dale is trapped in the Black Lodge while his doppleganger pretends to be him).
  • Part 1 of "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To" a Star Trek: TNG story by D. Lynn Bivens (with the Romulans plotting a possible invasion of Federation Space, Picard discovers Data has built another android, this one a repilca of he late Tasha Yar)

Issue 43

  • "Back Alley Crisis," a G.I. JOE story.
  • Part 2 of "Bride Between Worlds" in Kimberly Murphy's Twin Peaks universe
  • Part 2 of "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To" a Star Trek: TNG story by D. Lynn Bivens

Issue 44

  • "Two Souls," part one of a five-part TWIN PEAKS script.

Issue 45

  • "Two Souls," part two of the TWIN PEAKS script.

Issue 46

  • Part three of "Two Souls."

Issue 47

  • THE BOOK OF THE DEAD; "NightSpeak," part one; more.

Issue 48

  • Part four of "Two Souls."

Issue 49

  • Conclusion of "Two Souls."

Issue 50

  • "My Brother's Keeper," part one of a QUANTUM LEAP story. $24.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 50

Got the second printing of #50 - beautiful! The new issue is great; enjoyed the variety, and the new artist (Andrew Kear) is fantastic.

Now, regarding the letter you received with the negative comments about POWER STAR'S continuation of the Peaks story lines. You're going to have a hard time following up the intricate, quirky tales of the Twin Peaks television series in a way that pleases everyone. (Even David Lynch himself couldn't do it, if the icy reception Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me received at Cannes is an indication.) The Peaks stories you have printed are well-crafted and dramatic, and, if many readers are to be believed, true to the original development of the series' characters. I applaud Ms. Murphy for blending in her own vision and spirit without losing conceptual integrity. Twin Peaks is controversial, and if it tried to please everyone, it would cease to be Twin Peaks. I am glad that David Lynch, Mark Frost, and, for POWER STAR. Kimberly Murphy have tried to make something that is both art and entertainment, and not just commerce.[2]

Issue 51

Power Star 51 was published in 1992.

  • Part two of "My Brother's Keeper."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 51

Thank you for Issue 51 of POWER STAR.

I enjoyed all the illustrations, even though I'm not into either Quantum Leap or Lost in Space. I've never chosen to watch a single episode of either series, but I have a vague familiarity with the principal characters and the premises. Of course, if Simon MacCerkindale were quantum leaping all over the time continuum, I'd definitely be watching. However, Scott Bakula doesn't "do" it for me.

I also have great concern for the souls he displaces from their bodies. How would you feel, if someone hopped into your body, and when you came back, you found that he had turned out several issues of POWER STAR without your consent or knowledge. The fellow seems to have good intentions, but he is, after all, body snatching!

Come to think of it, I'm actually rather glad that Simon doesn't have Scott Bakula's role, because I'd hate to see him in drag!! The thought of my favorite male star pregnant, for example, is too gross for me. (I never use the word "gross" in my everyday vocabulary, but in this case it's especially appropriate, because "gross" - with an e - also happens to be French for pregnant.)

I'm having enough trouble, as it is, stomaching Simon's choosing to let Sophie Michaud ioin the Counterstrike team. I think Stone has been displaying tremendous good humor: I certainly could never tolerate living half my life on a plane with Gabrielle! The very thought of her on board gives me claustrophobia!

My objection is not to the idea of recruiting a resourceful world-class photojoumalist for the team, but to the woman Sophie Michaud makes of her. I find Gabrielle's credentials completely unconvincing. If Cyrielle Claire (Nikki) were playing the role, we'd see some alertness, some sharpness, some intelligence. We'd see the "wheels go 'round" inside the lady's cranium. We'd see Gabrielle thinking.

But when Sophie stares at the screen before her, I can't believe she's discovering anything - a fact, an idea - for the first time. Her sluggish acting infuriates me. I want her off the show so desperately it hurts!! She harms the series immeasurably. (Or perhaps it can be meaured: I'd expect a drop in the ratings between Cyrielle's episodes and the ones we're seeing now.) From Kimberly, I gather that you somewhat agree with me, or at least can understand my frustration.


I also enjoyed Kimberly's astute synopsis of each of the Manimal episodes, and the wild autographed picture Simon signed for her. I've never been able to watch Twin Peaks* but I have to agree with Kimberly that Kyle MacLachlan is one of the most attractive actors on screen today. So I liked all these pictures of the fellow in the issue*, I just wish they were making costume romances for the man to star in. Instead of making him work for David Lynch.

I did read Kimberly's story, simply because she wrote it - and she writes so well, that even if the characters are net emotionally close to me, it's still a smooth, easy read.

I'm afraid if I ever found myself in Twin Peaks, I'd get out of town by whatever means possible, as fast as I could. I dread being trapped in David Lynch country. (That was a vile, nasty thing he did to Agent Cooper, when ABC killed the series. I managed to watch part of that episode; but it only confirmed my distaste for the show. And when even the hero turned evil - well, that did it for me. I know Kimberly has written Coop out of the Black Lodge. But I believe Lynch and his work should be quarantined.)


I remember how impressed I was when she told me that you had been issuing POWER STAR on a monthly basis. The only fanzine I had encountered. Longbow was lucky to come out annually. Unfortunately, Kevin Costner seems to have dispatched Longbow with an arrow of his own. I expected the movie to have deleterious effects on the intensity of fan interest in the British (Michael Praed/Jason Connery) version of Robin Hood (Robin of Sherwood). My concern appears to have been justified: I've heard nothing mere from the folks who published that well-written, well-designed zine. But POWER STAR - also well-written and well-designed - still radiates! Over fifty issues of POWER STAR so far!

Thanks again for your superb generosity, and congratulations on a job very, very well done. [3]

Issue 52

front cover of issue #52
back cover of issue #52, J. Calvin Smith

Power Star 52 was published in 1992 and contains 60 pages. It was edited by Jerry Seward.

The art is by Nola Frame-Gray, J. Calvin Smith.

  • The Warrior by Amy Bisson (Star Wars) (4)
  • Comes The Cheetah, Part One by D. Lynn Bivens (The Flash) ("Note: As the characters in this story are based on those on the T.V. series, imagine the villainess Cheetah (aka Yolanda Bonners) as portrayed by Shares Stone who played the character "Lori" in Total Recall. She was Quaid's beautiful blonde "wife" planted by the Agency to "keep an eye on him""). (5)
  • The Renewal Run, Part One by D. Lynn Bivens (Logan's Run) ("Based on an unfinished Marvel Comics story by John Warner.") (8)
  • You Can’t Keep A Good Joker Down, Part Two by D. Lynn Bivens (Batman) (11)
  • Voices Through the Gateway, Part Two by Kimberly Murphy (Twin Peaks) (17)
  • Penny’s Diary, Conclusion by D. Lynn Bivens (Lost in Space) (29)
  • I Will Not Be Pushed, Conclusion by J. Calvin Smith (The Prisoner) (36)
  • My Brother’s Keeper Part Three by D. Lynn Bivens (Quantum Leap) (47)
  • Writing for Star Trek: The Next Generation Guidelines by Mark Lister ("If you're a fledgling writer, Star Trek: The Next Generation Executive Producer Michael Filler is your best friend. Even though 99.9% of the thousands of scripts submitted to the show each year are rejected, your chances of making a sale here are probably better than anywhere else in the television industry. Mr. Filler was once a novice himself and apparently remembers the painful at tempts at breaking into the business. The legal department at Paramount Pictures has a very strict policy which prevents any employee of the studio from reading unsolicited story and script material. Unsolicited material must be returned to its author unread. However, under a special arrangement, producers of ST:TNG are allowed to consider free lance material. If you're among those who would defy the odds, then pay attention to the strict guidelines below and follow them to the letter!") (57)
  • News (60)

Issue 53

Power Star 53 was published in 1992.

  • "Reunion: The Men in Black Incident," a PROJECT U.F.O. story.

Issue 54

  • Conclusion of "Only Half the Man," a MANIMAL story.

Issue 55

  • "Night People: Night of the Owl," part one.

Issue 56

  • Jerry Seward's original STAR TREK CHRONOLOGY.

Issue 57

  • (December 1992) Part one of a GET SMART story; a COUNTERSTRIKE story; more.

Issue 58


Issue 59

  • (1993) A review of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000.

Issue 60

  • "The Road Not Taken," an original SF short story; "The Visitor."

Issue 61

  • Part one of a Russ Tamblyn interview.

Issue 62

  • "Countdown to Destiny," a STAR TREK story.

Issue 63

  • "Night of the Shylock," a Sherlock Holmes/WILD WILD WEST story.

Issue 64

  • (1993) Part two of "Reunion: The Men in Black Incident."

Issue 65

  • A movie review of JURASSIC PARK.

Issue 66

  • FANTASTIC TELEVISION `93! Our annual salute to TV begins with part one of a three-part SPACE:1999 script-story that finds Koenig questioning the reason for the Alphans' strange adventures, "The Devil's Sweets". Also: Sam Beckett leaps into a mental patient whose wife is conspiring to steal his land in the complete-in-this-issue QUANTUM LEAP story "Pardon My Insanity"; a SPACE:1999 "tech sheet" on Alpha as the "Hub Of Our Solar System: Lunar Transportation Node"; TWIN PEAKS' Agent Cooper tangles with a cantankerous stapler in the third "Tapes Withheld"; a FLASH filksong, "You Won't See Him"; FLASHBACK editor/publisher Steve Beverly reviews the Golden Age SF classic series SCIENCE FICTION THEATER; more.

Issue 67

Issue 68

  • "Muties and M.O.N.S.T.E.R.s," an X-FACTOR story.

Issue 69

  • "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," a MacGYVER story.

Issue 70

  • "Space Case," a QUANTUM LEAP story.

Issue 71

  • FAR-OUT FEBRUARY! Primary story: The ENTERPRISE's crew (STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION) questions a Deltan female suspected of murder in a take-off on BASIC INSTINCT's interrogation scene called "Raw Data". Also: A DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN short-short, "Lost And Found"; J. Calvin Smith provides a tongue-in-cheek preview of "DUNE: The Musical"; Shirla Turman sings a STAR TREK filksong about Spock's mating cycle, "I Think I Grock You"; a SOMETHING IS OUT THERE episode guide; a report on a national poll on Americans' impressions of extra-terrestrial life; part three of the PROJECT:U.F.O. story "Reunion: The Men In Black Incident".

Issue 72

  • OUR VERSION OF MARCH MADNESS! Primary story: The struggle against the Visitors of V goes on with a new agent to take up the battle in the complete-in-this-issue story "Death Dreams". Also: The first ever JURASSIC PARK filksong, "Meat Eater"; Sam Beckett QUANTUM LEAPs into the life of INVISIBLE MAN Dr. Dan Weston in part one of a crossover adventure called "Leap In, Fade Out"; part two of the three-part GET SMART tale "The Almost, Absolutely, Positively Ultimate KAOS Kaper".
  • TWIN PEAKS ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!] Primary story: Ben Horne's up to no good in the complete-in-this-issue story "Boys Night Out". Also: Cartoonist J. Calvin Smith turns out "A Musical Guide To TWIN PEAKS For The Very Young"; Cooper discovers the joy of temperature regulation in Federal buildings in the latest in the ongoing humor series "Tapes Withheld"; conclusion of the two-part Russ Tamblyn interview.

Issue 74

cover of issue #74

Power Star 74 was published in 1994 and is 46 pages long.

  • The Man Who Fell From The Sky—Conclusion (Counterstrike) (14 pages)
  • All The Kingpin’s Men—Conclusion (Spiderman) (10 pages)
  • Home For the Weekend—Conclusion (Starman) (9 pages)
  • KILLER CONCLUSIONS! Primary story: Paul and Scott return to STARMAN's home world to save his people from a plague killing them in the conclusion of "Home For The Weekend". Also: The makeshift COUNTERSTRIKE team of Peter, Stone, and Monique Lamer must stop Strand from carrying out his evil plan and save Nikki--if they can--in the conclusion of "The Man Who Fell From The Sky"; SPIDERMAN Peter Parker collides with Kingpin Wilson Fisk in the conclusion of "All The Kingpin's Men".

Issue 75

  • GERRY ANDERSON CELEBRATION! Primary story: CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS face off over the world economy in the complete-in-this-issue story "The Gold Standard". Also: Act two of the three act SPACE:1999 script "The Devil's Sweets", in which the alien ship encountered at the end of act one is close enough so its gravitational forces threaten Alpha's existence; CAPTAIN SCARLET mulls over an important decision in the short-short "Moonlight Rhapsody"; reviews of Anderson productions TERRAHAWKS, STINGRAY, FIREBALL XL-5, THUNDERBIRDS, and UFO; universe guides to CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS and SPACE:1999.

Issue 76

  • I LOVE COMICS `94! Primary story: An overview of independent comics, reprinted from THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER. Also: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA tries to stop one of their own who's gone renegade in the complete-in-this-issue story "Blind Justice"; previews from independent comics FREEX, BECK & CAUL INVESTIGATIONS, U.N. FORCE, and WANDERING STAR; more.

Issue 77

  • STAR TREK SPECIAL `94! Primary story: Captain Kirk and the ENTERPRISE finds a ship containing a beautiful woman who enchants Chekov in the complete-in-this-issue story "Chekov's Wife". Also: STAR TREK and STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION filksongs "Talk To Mr. Spock", "Identical Androids", and "You Belong To The Starship"; Kirk and company take the place of Wile E. Coyote in the humorous "STAR TREK Meets The Road-Runner"; a variation on the famous "Hi-Bob" bar room game called "STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION--The Drinking Game"; reviews of THE FLINTSTONES and the Romulan-oriented newsletter CLOAKING DEVICE.

Issue 78

Issue 78--FANTASTIC TELEVISION `94! Primary story: CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS collide again as Spectrum tries to protect a World Navy exhibition in a "Time Warp Tales" reprint of the out-of-print "An Exercise In Hope". Also: A bank holdup in Spokane two days before Dale and Audrey's wedding draws Dale and Diane's attention away from TWIN PEAKS in the complete-in-this-issue story "New Lives"; an ALIEN NATION filksong, "We All Live In An Alien Nation"; QUANTUM LEAP filksongs "Bringin' On The Rain" and "Quantum Blues"; reviews of THE SHADOW and the Japanese kids' series ULTRA 7.

Issue 79

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Primary story: A woman and her boyfriend head to Camp Crystal Lake for a murderous encounter in the complete-in-this-issue FRIDAY THE 13TH story, "Just the Same". Also: Michael Myers is ready to leave the mental hospital--or is he?--in a complete-in-this-issue HALLOWEEN story "Love's First Kiss"; reviews of DEAD AT 21 and FOX's rebroadcast of THUNDERBIRDS; part two of the FOREVER KNIGHT tale "Rogue"; part three of the original piece "Night People: Night Of The Owl".

Issue 80

Power Star 27 was published in 1994.

  • GIVE THANKS FOR SUBMISSIONS! Primary story: Buster, Lisa, and Clarissa try to stop the monsters dominating a retirement home in act three of the six-act original script-story "NightSpeak". Also: Holiday etiquette for Klingons; a pilot in the near future receives an offer from her sensei she can't refuse in the complete-in-this-issue story "Earth Bound Misfit, I"; Picard and company encounter an odd spaceship in the ST:TNG short-short "Where No Man Has Gone Before?"; more.

Issue 81

Power Star 81 was published in December 1994 and contains 74 pages.

front cover of issue #81
back cover of issue #81, J. Calvin Smith

Issue 81--HOLIDAY GRAB BAG! Primary story: Fandom universes converge and only the Fictional Hero Protection Alliance can sort out the damage in J. Calvin Smith's sequel to the non-media-based tale "D.V.O." entitled "F.H.P.A." Also: L. Gray explores how Harry Truman and Dennis Bryson formulated their plan to rescue Agent Cooper from Jean Renault in an episode from the second season of TWIN PEAKS in this complete-in-this-issue "missing scene" tale, "Uniformity"; learn why Ben Kenobi stopped fighting evil in the complete-in-this-issue STAR WARS story "Fading Faith"; a STAR WARS satire, "DEC Wars"; from the internet, the BABYLON 5 frequently asked questions (FAQ) list.

From the editorial:

You may have noticed all the Internet stuff we've used lately—the graphics, news, and e-mail jump out right away. But have you noticed the stories? Two pieces last issue came from e-mail. One came through e-mail last month. What this means is that our electronic experiment is taking off in a way even I didn't expect. As I write this in October 1994, six months after we joined up with our first BBS, the Anne Arundel Information Exchange, we are now one of the fastest-growing e-zines (electronic zines) on the Internet. 30 BBS partners now make up our ranks, and not a day goes by that I don't get a re(^uest for an issue by e-mail from someone who read about us on USENET. Jerry got a letter from a woman in Belgium who'd heard about us on the Internet. Our electronic readership outnumbers our print readership at least 5 to 1 (hard numbers on the Internet are hard to come by, but I do know the approximate readership on the BBSs each month.

I bring this up for two reasons. One is that we've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the increase in variety in our issues, and I think the Internet has helped that. The second is that, sadly, we've had to change our internet address. By the time you read this, AAIE will no longer handle Internet e-mail. I'll miss Bob Nassal, and wish to express my thanks to him for the six months he was able to help us with this grand experiment, Power Star online. We have, however, found a new home: ACE Online, in Silver Spring, MD.

As our Internet involvement grows, we'll explore what all is available for the science fiction fan. This issue brings one of the staples of the Internet, the FAQ. FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions" and is the number-one most requested item in most newsgroups on USENET (as in, "Can somebody repost the FAQ?" or "The answer to that question is in the FAQ"). The FAQ representative in this issue is the Babylon 5 FAQ, posted monthly to rec.arts.sf.tv and several other groups.

Also in electronic-related news, Power Star would like to extend our congratulations to The Ultimate Connections BBS, one of our partners, who was voted one of the top 100 BBSs in the country by the readers of Boardwatch Magazine. We're proud to be part of the growth of this board, even in a small way. Congratulations to the staff of The Ultimate Connection!
  • Credits 'N' Stuff (Who did what kind of art/graphics in this issue, plus the usual disclaimers, address, etc.) (3)
  • Murphy's Musings by Kimberly Murphy (Random thoughts from a rambling editor.) (4)
  • Subscription Rates (5)
  • An Alternative View by J. Calvin Smith (Background on Wonder Warthog, an underground comics superhero.) (6)
  • Power Stars Shareware Distributors (Got a modem? Check out these BBSs where Power Star and lots of other great stuff can be found.) (7)
  • F.H.P.A. by J. Calvin Smith (In this sequel to last year's D.V.O., storylines begin converging fictional heroes everywhere.) (9)
  • The Babylon 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List by Lee Whiteside and Dan Wood (A staple of the Internet, the FAQ list, comes to Power Star. In this installment, we examine the S/F adventure series Babylon 5.) (17)
  • DEC Wars, contributed by Arthur C. Adams (Also found on the Internet: This satire of Star Wars...) (42)
  • Colophon (How we produced this month's gift.) (45)
  • Uniformity by L. Gray (Ever wonder how Harry Truman and Dennis Bryson came up with their plan to rescue Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks' episode 2013? Then you'll love this story that speculates how it might have been done.) (49)
  • Fading Faith by Charles Reynolds (Obi-Wan Kenobi's struggle against evil is the subject of this Star Wars prequel.) (53)
  • Comm Panel (Your feedback is the best holiday gift we could get.) (55)
  • Ye Olde Collectables and Trivia Shoppe by Bennet Pomerantz (57)
  • News (Catch up with Jerry, Kimberly, and Bennet.) (58)
  • Back Issues Cross Reference (59)
  • Coming Next Time (75)

Issue 82

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Primary story: A grieving young man needs LOIS AND CLARK's help to find his missing girlfriend who's found out something about the notorious crime syndicate InterGang in part one of a five-part script-story, "Better Late Than Never". Also: The duality of man as personified by Spectrum agent Captain Scarlet and his ex-mentor, Spectrum agent-turned-Mysteron terrorist Captain Black, is explored in part one of a new multi-part CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS story, "Pawns Of Evil"; the aftermath of SLEEPING BEAUTY's life with Prince Charming is explored in the short-short "After Love's First Kiss"; a look at a designer who designs TNG clothes from an entirely different angle; episode guides to LOIS AND CLARK's first season and to the short-lived s-f/action series VIPER; a look at the internet's reaction to X-FILES; movie reviews of PUPPET MASTERS, STARGATE, and STAR TREK:GENERATIONS.

Issue 83

  • STAR TREK SPECIAL! In the era of STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION, a new starship with a new crew prepares to head off on a First Contact mission to the Tholian Assembly in part one of a multi-part story, "The SOLAR WIND Saga: First Impressions". Also: Q returns to haunt Picard and THE NEXT GENERATION crew in part one of a two-part tale, "Winner Take All".

Issue 84

  • STORIES OF SUPERMEN! Primary story: Award-winning author Mary J. Rudy contributes a complete-in-this-issue tale where the indestructable CAPTAIN SCARLET must protect the British Prime Minister from a "Tiny Terror" Mysteron agent. Also: A CAPTAIN SCARLET filksong, "Angel Ng"; part two of "Better Late Than Never".

Issue 85

Power Star 85 was published in 1995. HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY, TWIN PEAKS! Primary story: A being from the dream realm is causing nightmares for Audrey and Diane and to stop him, Cooper must keep an "Appointment with Morpheus". Also: J. Calvin Smith's analysis of one of TWIN PEAKS' most controversial moments, the death of Madeleine Ferguson, in "Closed Circle"; a look at the USENET newsgroup alt.tv.twin-peaks and the denizens therein.

  • Jerry Seward, Editor Emeritus
  • Kimberly Murphy, Managing Editor
  • MRK‎, Production Director
  • Rob Murphy, Layout Editor
  • Brian Neale, e-mail "Postmaster"
  • Bennet Pomerantz, Collectibles Columnist
  • J. Calvin Smith, Manuscript Editor
  • Marco Aarts
  • John Adams
  • Dean Carlson
  • Michael W. Dean
  • Jessica Gancio
  • Esposito Garcia
  • Matt Grace
  • Brett Hendrie
  • Kersti Kahar
  • Irina Klein
  • Amy Klosterman,
  • Machiel Kolstein
  • Reetu Meri Tuuli Kurkijarvi
  • Peggy Mei-Ling Li
  • Kristin Pierce
  • Jason Robert Thornton
  • John Todd, Jr.
  • Martijn van Roosmalen
  • Ann Brill White
  • Andy Wing
  • Jon Yager
  • Credits `N' Stuff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2
    The usual disclaimers, addresses, etc.
  • Murphy's Musings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
    An open letter to Craig Miller and John Thorne, Co-
    Editors of the TWIN PEAKS-based mainstream zine WRAPPED

Subscription Rates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

    Our usual advertising plug.
  • POWER STAR Shareware Distributors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
    Got a modem?  Check out these BBSs where POWER STAR and
    lots of other great stuff can be found.
  • "Closed Circle", By J. Calvin Smith. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
    Did Madeleine Ferguson have to die near the end of the
    Laura Palmer murder mystery?  J. Calvin Smith explores
    some of the symbolism in TWIN PEAKS' most controversial
  • "Welcome To alt.tv.twin-peaks", By Kimberly Murphy . . . . . . . . . . . 12
    TWIN PEAKS lives on after cancellation, thanks to an
    offbeat USENET newsgroup.  Some of the regulars of the
    group give their thoughts on the series.
  • "Appointment With Morpheus", By Kimberly Murphy. . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
    A being from the dream realm threatens the Coopers'
    happiness--is it up to Dale to save TWIN PEAKS again?
  • Comm Panel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
    Your feedback is the "peak" of our day.
  • "Ye Olde Collectables And Trivia Shoppe", By Bennet Pomerantz. . . . . . 69
    Bennet Pomerantz's nationally-renowned column on the
    latest in collectables.
  • Back Issues Cross-Reference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71
    Previously in POWER STAR about TWIN PEAKS...
  • Coming Next Time.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79

Issue 86

  • Primary story: X-MEN collide with Magneto and his forces in the conclusion of "X-Men". Also: Smith tempts fate while LOST IN SPACE when he encounters "The Toy Maker"; CAPTAIN SCARLET is concerned about the "Differences" in his life after Spectrum's initial encounters with the Mysterons in a complete-in-this-issue short-short; SILVER SURFER brings Galactus to Earth in the conclusion of "What Price Be Mercy?

Issue 87

  • SCRIPT SPECIAL! Primary story: Buster, Lisa, Clarissa, and Dr. Delgado continue their fight against the forces of evil in "NightSpeak". Also: From the internet, the STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION humor piece "The Fall Of The Borg"; more.

Issue 88

Issue 88--IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE II! Primary story: A space trader transports a very unusual cargo in the complete-in-this-issue original tale "A Trader's Tale". Also: The conclusion of PROJECT:U.F.O. story "Reunion: The Men In Black Incident"; conclusion of the CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS script-story "Pawns Of Evil".

Issue 89

  • HOT SUMMER STORIES! Primary story: In the era of STAR TREK VI, the crew of the EXCELSIOR tries to find out what happened to Captain Sulu in part two of "Ghost Captain". Also: A viewer's guide to the GODZILLA movies; traffic backs up behind "The Sweeper" in this short-short; reviews of the X-FILES novel GOBLINS and the third installment of the BATMAN trilogy, BATMAN FOREVER; act five of "NightSpeak"; conclusion of "The Renewal Run".

Issue 90

Issue 90--FANTASTIC TELEVISION IV! Primary story: The Book House Boys go on a mission to stop drug runners using TWIN PEAKS as their throughway in the complete-in-this-issue tale "Star Light, Star Bright". Also: The Mysterons threaten the European commanders of the World military--one of whom is Captain Scarlet's father--in the complete-in-this-issue CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS story "Uneasy Relations"; reviews of JUDGE DREDD and APOLLO 13; part two of the QUANTUM LEAP/INVISIBLE MAN crossover "Leap In, Fade Out"; conclusion of "The Almost, Absolutely, Positively Ultimate KAOS Kaper".

Issue 91

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Primary story: CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS find out "Whose Heart Is Blackest" when they encounter an insane German military officer who has Captain Scarlet's regenerative powers. Also: Act one of a new ROCKY HORROR script-story, "The Revenge Of Dr. Frankenfurter"; Sam Beckett QUANTUM LEAPs into a Vietnamese P.O.W. who plays a vital role in Al's survival in "The Leap Into Hell"; conclusion of the exciting script-story "NightSpeak".

Issue 92

  • THANKS, GERRY ANDERSON! Our second salute to the contributions of British producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson kicks off with members of Moonbase Alpha getting mysteriously ill as a stricken spaceship from a peaceful race docks for repairs in the complete-in-this-issue SPACE:1999 story "Images". Also: The first battle between CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS is over--but Spectrum must decide what to do with the newly-revived Captain Scarlet in a "missing scene" story, "Chance For A Lifetime"; a UFO episode guide; fans speak out about the universe of Gerry Anderson in a special survey; conclusion of the SPACE:1999 script-story "The Devil's Sweets".

Issue 93

  • HOLIDAY GRAB BAG! Primary story: James West and Artemus Gordon leave THE WILD WILD WEST behind to visit Sherlock Holmes in England in the sequel to "Night Of The Shylock" called "The Case Of The Retired American Agent". Also: A glimpse into TWIN PEAKS' newspaper archives in another installment of "Tapes Withheld"; Agent Fox has captured STARMAN in a "Time Warp Tales" reprint of the out-of-print "In The Name Of Science"; act three of "Better Late Than Never".

Issue 94

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Primary story: Scully and Mulder go on an X-FILES case and discover something that could disrupt the fabric of time in "The Incident In Napierville". Also: The end of the universe approaches in an original tale, "Future Tense"; a young man at a dance meets a woman with a special secret in "Tomorrow's Invitation"; A SPACE:ABOVE AND BEYOND universe guide; Captain Black sings the plot of CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS in a filksong called "No Earthman Will Survive".

Issue 95

  • STAR TREK SPECIAL! Primary story: Sam Beckett QUANTUM LEAPs into TNG's Jean-Luc Picard as the ENTERPRISE goes back in time in a matter that involves "The Essence Of Time". Also: Tom Restivo gives VOYAGER the MST3K treatment in "From THE POWER STAR OF LOVE..."; a STAR TREK filksong, "Addicted To TREK"; conclusion of "Winner Take All".

Issue 96

  • STORIES OF SUPERMEN! Primary story: SUPERMAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK team up to fight a being from another realm in "Strange New World". Also: CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS tangle over a nuclear matter-antimatter reactor in Brazil to prevent "Twenty Minutes To Anhiliation", then CAPTAIN SCARLET and Spectrum reluctantly team with ARMY OF DARKNESS' Ash to destroy the Necronomicon in "Technical Difficulties"; act four of the LOIS AND CLARK script-story "Better Late Than Never".

Issue 97

  • HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY, TWIN PEAKS! POWER STAR celebrates the series' sixth anniversary with a novella-length murder mystery that brings Donna Hayward back to TWIN PEAKS in "Coming Around Again".

Issue 98

  • I LOVE COMICS `96! Primary story: THE ATOM teams with BATMAN to prevent an "Explosion". Also: BATMAN must deal with another vigilante who brings Gotham City into a form of "Stalemate" and the Mad Hatter in the conclusion of "The Tea Party"; conclusion of "The Fantastic Four"; conclusion of "Better Late Than Never".

Issue 99

  • NOVELLA SPECIAL! The WAR OF THE WORLDS continues in a new novella-length tale involving an old friend of Suzanne's who comes to visit and gets a more exciting visit than she bargained for in "People Like Peggy". Also: A movie review of SCREAMERS.

Issue 100

  • WE'VE REACHED THE CENTURY MARK! POWER STAR writers reminisce about 100 issues and the development of the zine as we celebrate our longevity. Also: Fictional characters from disparate universes each awaken to find himself/herself in The Village in part one of a four-part multi-universe adventure "The Kingmaker"; Hawke and AIRWOLF must save a dying agent of Archangel's who happens to be Hawke's half-sister in "He's My Brother"; THE FLASH tangles with The Weather Wizard in "Flash Of Darkness"; a QUANTUM LEAP filksong, "Save QUANTUM LEAP"; a rewrite of the ALIEN NATION filksong "Ballad Of The Newcomers"; a QUARK filk-short-short, "A Ditty For The Betties' Uniforms".

Issue 101

  • GERRY ANDERSON SPECIAL! Primary story: The death of Dr. Helena Russell disrupts life on Moonbase Alpha in a complete-in-this-issue SPACE:1999 story, "La Carmencita". Also: CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS both have an interest in stopping the insane plans of a general who has designs on launching a direct attack on Mars in "Tyrant"; part two of "The Kingmaker".

Issue 102

  • FANTASTIC TELEVISION `96! Primary story: Hawke and AIRWOLF are on a hunt to find the missing Dominic Santini in a complete-in-this-issue story, "Gyrfalcon". Also: Seven years before he was dubbed CAPTAIN SCARLET, Second Lieutenant Paul Metcalfe was a member of the World Army Air Force Special Forces and experienced a mission that became "A Cross To Bear"; part four of "Comes The Cheetah"; part three of "The Kingmaker".

Issue 103

  • HALLOWEEN SPECIAL `96! Primary story: Nick Knight must face the consequences of shooting a fellow officer while trying to protect Natalie from vampire enforcers in the conclusion of "Rogue". Also: A V cross-reference; an original tale, "The Return Of Zorrothustra"; a poem about fiction writing, "A Lone Creation"; part four of "Night People: Night Of The Owl"; conclusion of "The Kingmaker".

Issue 104

  • THANKFUL FOR TREK! Primary story: Kirk faces "The Fire Of The Forge" in a complete-in-this-issue story. Also: From the internet, "100 Reasons Kirk Is Better Than Picard"; a STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION poem, "Wasteland"; conclusion of "The SOLAR WIND Saga: First Impressions"; a review of STAR TREK:FIRST CONTACT.

Issue 105

  • SELECTIONS FROM SPACE! Primary story: The first manned mission to Mars encounters more than they bargained for in the complete-in-this-issue tale "Live From Mars". Also: Find out the "Top Ten Signs You Are Hooked On BABYLON 5"; Parker Gabriel sings another CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS filksong about "A Story Of Scarlet"; a review of THE RELIC.

Issue 106

  • WINTER WONDERLAND GRAB-BAG! Primary story: One of the very first X-FILES cases--the disappearance of Mulder's sister-- takes a strange turn in the complete-in-this-issue story "The Murder Of Mulder's Sister". Also: BECK & CAUL INVESTIGATIONS take on one of their most bizarre cases yet in "Darkest Before The Dawn"; a tongue-in-cheek look at MILLENNIUM's protagonist [ Frank Black ] in "The Ballad Of Frank Black"; an episode guide to RAW TOONAGE; the resemblence between two long-running TV shows are examined in "STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION--A LOVE BOAT Clone?"; a review of EXO-SQUAD; news.

Issue 107

  • THE WORLDS OF GERRY ANDERSON! Primary story: Life on Alpha changes drastically as SPACE:1999's Helena Russell prepares to lead a mission aboard an experimental craft back to Earth in a complete-in-this-issue story "Mission: Home". Also: The unexpected pregancy of an Alpha technician and the disappearance of Maya lead to a "Transformation" of attitudes in this complete-in-this-issue SPACE:1999 story; SCIENCE FICTION MODELLER correspondent Marc Frattasio provides insights into the construction of many of the Gerry Anderson series' models and sets; General Henderson is found dead at Harlington-Straker Studios and Ed Straker is determined to get to the bottom of it in the complete-in-this-issue UFO story "The Men In Black"; news.

Issue 108

  • Archangel is being held hostage and the terrorists who have him want AIRWOLF in exchange in the story "Vision." Also: The same virus that nearly killed Captain Morris in the first SOLAR WIND story may be spreading aboard the ship in "The SOLAR WIND Saga: The Trail."

Issue 109

  • TWIN PEAKS ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! Primary story: Sheriff Harry S. Truman faces new questions about the F.B.I.'s continued involvement in TWIN PEAKS law enforcement in the story "An Issue of Character." Also: A TWIN PEAKS drinking game; Cooper and forensic pathologist Sam Stanley investigate the Teresa Banks murder in "The Start."

Issue 110

  • STAR TREK SPECIAL! Primary story: Deanna Troi has been working with Worf's son Alexander to help him cope with life without his mother, but learns that "A Child's Love" can be a powerful force indeed in this STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION story. Also: The SOLAR WIND crew faces a battle with The Old Ones in "The SOLAR WIND Saga: The Apocalypse Scenario."

Issue 111

  • SCI-FI GRAPHICS artist Andrew Kear presents a new SPACE: 1999 comic that has the "Errant Moon" wandering into the space around the planet Aron. Also: Spectrum must deal with both Mysteron clones and nature's own lookalikes - identical twins - in a CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS tale, "Mixed Doubles."

Issue 112

  • War, honor, dragons, fair maidens - it's all a part of Vickie Murphy's fantasy tale "Of Cabbages and Queens." Also: The perils of life with a wiccan are examined in the poem "Armchair Witches"; a reporter not only gets a great scoop on the Roswell U.F.O. incident but also more than he bargained for in an original tale, "Exile from the Earth"; news.

Issue 113

  • The struggle between CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS is now over two years old, and the secret of Captain Scarlet's indestructibility has been compromised in the story "Truth and Consequences"; the Mysterons threaten to destroy the pride of the seven seas, and it's up to CAPTAIN SCARLET to stop them in "Unknown Danger"; your questions about Gerry Anderson shows are answered in the Gerry Anderson Productions Frequently Asked Questions List; news.

Issue 114

  • A RANMA 1/2 story; the war between CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS is at a lull, giving Scarlet time to think about the future in "Good Knight, Dear Lady"; a MANN & MACHINE episode guide; a renegade has taken control of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's agroship in "Hostage Warriors"; news.

Issue 115

  • HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Primary story: The SOLAR WIND is called to investigate reports of a renegade faction of Tholians that have placed "Souls in Tension" in this STAR TREK-inspired adventure. Also: A "Time Warp Tales" reprint of a story from our very first issue, about "The Girl with Homely Eyes"; nightmares from "A Haunted Past" trouble Tasha Yar in a STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION short story; news.

Issue 116

  • THANKSGIVING BUFFET. Sam Beckett QUANTUM LEAPs into a bigamist in a new Shirla Turman piece called "I Led Three Wives" and two new Mary Battles STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION stories--injuries to Troi, Beverly, and Tasha lead to some exploration of emotions in "Deadly Games," and Tasha Yar's capture by the Romulans after the ENTERPRISE-C travels back in time is explored in "Alternate Life." Also: the poem "Nocturne."

Issue 117

  • OUR FIRST JAG NOVELLA AND KIMBERLY'S LAST ISSUE. Primary story: Meg and Harmon think they're dealing with an apparent attempt at terrorism on US soil...but the truth is something much bigger than even they bargained for in the complete-in-this-issue JAG tale "Anarch's Hand". Also: Klingon poems "Glory's Call", "The Soul Of A Warrior's Heart", and "Star Of Life"; Brendan Dillon's "Top Ten Reasons Why The Enterprise Doesn't Have An Infinite Improbability Drive" and "Top Ten Things That Will Never Happen On The X-Files"; from the internet, a "Generic Disaster Movie Script"; reviews of Gattica, Kisses, and the science fiction romance novels of Johanna Lindsey; what JMS didn't show you in a Babylon 5 satire, "Sheridan's Interrogation: The Unseen Cut".

Issue 118

  • AMERICAN GOTHIC special! Primary story: "If Your Memory Serves You Well." Also: VISIONS '97 con report and an interview with Gary Lockwood.

Issue 119

  • (February 1998) --THE WOMEN OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY! Primary story: "Preservation" (STAR TREK: VOYAGER). Also: a Jeri Ryan interview. PRINT EXCLUSIVE: a LA FEMME NIKITA story, "Balance of Power." archived here

Issue 120

  • (May 1998) --PARALLEL WORLDS! Primary story: "Letting Go" (SLIDERS). Also: "Distant Deeps," a STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE story set in the Mirror Universe and "Thoughts on HIGHLANDER Continuity." Archived here.

Issue 121

  • (April 1998) --Primary story: "Takeover," a NOWHERE MAN story. Also: news. Archived here.

Issue 122

  • (May 1998) --ANIME! Also: a review of the new LOST IN SPACE movie.Archived here

Issue 123

  • (June 1998) --An EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT story; news; commentary. Archived here.

Issue 124

  • (July 1998). Deep Space Nine: Alien - by S.D. Speck. A STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE/ALIENS crossover; Caught In The Web - by Alien. An AMERICAN GOTHIC story;

Linta, the Belly Button Fairy - By Mary Barton; ALIEN RESURRECTION Review - A Movie Review by Paul O'Brien; STAR WARS: REBELLION Review - A Video Game Review by Mike O'Brien; SILVER SURFER Review - A Television Review by Paul O'Brien; Seward's Words - By Jerry Seward; Anthony's Anxieties - By Anthony Van Pyre. archived here

Issue 125

  • (August 1998). RED DWARF in Oz - By Dave Hardenbrook . A RED DWARF/OZ crossover; There's No Place Like Home - A SOLAR WIND SAGA Story by L.G. Frey, Jerry Seward, and Susan Herman; You Don't Know Me - By Tracey R. Rich. A SPACE CASES story. (Print Exclusive); Arrow Comics Review Part II. - Reviews of DARK OZ and more.; BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Review - By Paul O'Brien; News; Seward's Words - By Jerry Seward; Anthony's Anxieties - By Anthony Van Pyre. Archived here.

Issue 126

  • (Sept 1998). News; Seward's Words - By Jerry Seward ;Anthony's Anxieties - By Anthony Van Pyre. archived here.

Issue 127

  • (October 1998). This month, we celebrate Halloween: Sins of the Father; Wasp; News; More SF Entertainment News; Seward's Words - By Jerry Seward. Anthony's Anxieties - By Anthony Van Pyre. archived here.

Issue 128

  • (Nov 1998). The Return of Lewis by Trax Knight - A RoboCop story. The Ties That Strangle by Arkane - An X-MEN Story. Gestalt by Eliot Lefebvre - A TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS story. The Book by Scott Stadelman- A HIGHLANDER story.

Field Trip by Beth Arritt - A BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER story. News. Book Reviews: LEGEND by Jonathan A. Lewis. Commentary: Seward's Words - By Jerry Seward. Anthony's Anxieties - By Anthony Van Pyre. archived here.

Issue 129

  • (December 1998). Awakening by Dora Shelton - A SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND Story. (Premiered February 1998). The first Heather Scott story; No Smoking by Nigel G. Mitchell - A SLIDERS Story. (Premiered March 1998); Redemption by John Orton - A PROJECT A-KO Story. (Premiered May 1998) ; Articles: Arrow Comics Reviews - by Jerry Seward and Anthony Van Pyre. (Part 1 Premiered March 1998, Part 2 Premiered August 1998); CRIME TRAVELER Episode Guide - by Philippa Sidle. (Premiered March 1998); seaQUEST DSV Episode Guide - by Jerry Seward (Premiered March 1998) Archived here.

Unknown Issue

unknown issue (1999 or earlier): "Happy Birthday, Sam," by Linda Craig. Published as a special issue of POWER STAR. There are also QL-inspired cartoons by Nola Gray.[1]


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