Wrapped in Plastic

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Title: Wrapped in Plastic
Publisher: Win-Mill Productions
Editor(s): Craig Miller and John Thorne
Date(s): 1992-2005?
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Language: English
External Links: Win-Mill Productions homepage
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Wrapped in Plastic is a gen Twin Peaks semi-pro fanzine with 75 issues.

For thirteen years, Wrapped In Plastic magazine studied the celebrated television series, Twin Peaks, and the follow-up feature film, Fire Walk With Me. Wrapped In Plastic is a work of critical analysis and historical reporting. The core of the book is a detailed episode guide that reviews each chapter of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s landmark series (which originally aired on ABC television in 1990 and 1991). These reviews are supplemented by comments from actors, writers, producers and other creative personnel who provide intimate and first-hand remarks about Twin Peaks. Each critique also includes analysis of scripted scenes that were deleted from the final televised episodes, allowing for a deeper understanding of how Twin Peaks was being crafted as it went along.

-- The Essential Wrapped in Plastic, 2016

Issue 1

Wrapped in Plastic 1 was published in 1992 (second printing: August 1993). It has this on the cover: "An Unofficial Guide of Review, Commentary, and Criticism of David Lynch's Bizarre and Innovation Television Series," and "Includes Reviews & Commentary on 'Fire Walk With Me'." Original price was $2.95.

Issue 2

Wrapped in Plastic 2 was published in December 1992. It has this on the cover: "In this issue: Signed Twin Peaks Cards Released! Articles! Commentaries! Reviews! Checklist. TP Product News! And More!" and "'Fire Walk WIth Me': Merits Debated Inside!" and "Joe Bob Biggs talks about David Lynch!" Original price was $2.95.

Issue 3

Wrapped in Plastic 3 was published in February 1993. It has this on the cover: "Killer Bob Issue!" an "Inside Hotel Room, Wild Palms, and Boxing Helena!" Original price was $2.95.

Issue 4

Wrapped in Plastic 4 was published in April 1993.

Issue 5

Wrapped in Plastic 5 was published in June 1993

Issue 6

Wrapped in Plastic 6 was published in August 1993.

Issue 7

Wrapped in Plastic 7 was published in October 1993.

Issue 8

Wrapped in Plastic 8 was published in December 1993.

Issue 9

Wrapped in Plastic 9 was published in February 1994.

Issue 10

Wrapped in Plastic 10 was published in April 1994.

Issue 11

Wrapped in Plastic 11 was published in June 1994.

Issue 12

Wrapped in Plastic 12 was published in August 1994.

Issue 13

Wrapped in Plastic 13 was published in October 1994.

Issue 14

Wrapped in Plastic 14 was published in December 1994.

Issue 15

Wrapped in Plastic 15 was published in February 1995.

Issue 16

Wrapped in Plastic 16 was published in April 1995.

Issue 17

Wrapped in Plastic 17 was published in June 1995.

cover of issue #17

Issue 18

Wrapped in Plastic 18 was published in August 1995.

Issue 19

Wrapped in Plastic 19 was published in October 1995.

Issue 20

Wrapped in Plastic 20 was published in December 1995.

Issue 21

Wrapped in Plastic 21 was published in February 1996.

cover of unknown issue, perhaps #21

Issue 22

Wrapped in Plastic 22 was published in April 1996.

Issue 23

Wrapped in Plastic 23 was published in June 1996.

Issue 24

Wrapped in Plastic 24 was published in August 1996.

Issue 25

Wrapped in Plastic 25 was published in October 1996.