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Name: Transformers: Beast Wars
Abbreviation(s): BW
Creator: Hasbro
Date(s): April 22, 1996 - May 7, 1999
Medium: CGI-animated TV show
Country of Origin: United States
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Beast Wars is a TV show in the Transformers franchise. It was the first TV series to air after the original cartoon. The fandom generally hated it when it first aired because of how it deviated from the original series by starring the Maximals and Predacons, who transform into Earth animals, instead of the Autobots and Decepticons, who transform into Earth vehicles. [1] However, it's now considered one of the best Transformers series by the fandom, due to its high-quality plotting and characterization.


Beast Wars has a very small AO3 fandom, with around 150 fics. The most common pairing is Dinobot/Rattrap, an honor-bound Predacon velociraptor and a conniving, cowardly Maximal rat, as they developed a passionate rivalry while Dinobot was working with the Maximals. The second-most-common pairing is the canon romance Silverbolt/Blackarachnia. has more stories in the fandom at around 450, although it conflates Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

The characters from this series are still beloved by the fandom. The first two Transformers Hall of Fame fan-nominated characters were from this series (Dinobot and the hapless comic relief Waspinator), and the Megatron of Beast Wars is considered an iconic version of the character, even more surprising given that he's a bright purple Tyrannosaurus rex. While Beast Wars's Optimus Prime, known as Optimus Primal, is less iconic than his counterpart, his reception by the fandom has improved drastically from the days of "trukk not munky"[1].


Beast Wars is in the G1 continuity, but diverges from it on various continuity points, as with all the other G1 series. It has a direct sequel series, Transformers: Beast Machines, and is a loose sequel to the original cartoon itself.

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