Beast Wars Anonymous

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Name: Beast Wars Anonymous
Date(s): March 1997 - 2002
Archivist: Jennifer Stevens (a.k.a. Tallories)
Founder: Jennifer Stevens (a.k.a. Tallories)
Type: fanfiction archive
Fandom: Transformers: Beast Wars
URL: The BWA Recovered Archives at Beast Wars International
originally at
Screenshot of the site's home page as it appeared on January 27, 2002.
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Beast Wars Anonymous or the Beast Wars Anonymous Fanfiction Archive was an online archive of Transformers: Beast Wars fanfiction hosted by Jennifer "Bandit" Stevens aka Tallories on GeoCities.[1] The archive stopped accepting new stories in 1999 or 2000, but partnered with Ivyna's site, which hosted the fics instead.

In 1998 and 1999, the site held Readers' Choice Awards.

In August 2001, hundreds of stories were unexpectedly deleted from the archive. Tallories announced on the site:

In August 2001, a reader alerted me that many of BWA's stories were gone. Some investigative work on my part showed that one of several directories I used to store the hundreds of fanfics had been wiped out, taking approximately half of the archive's 477 original stories with it. I am convinced that GeoCities did this purposely-- half the time, BWA itself is inaccessible because it has "exceeded its allocated data transfer," which simply means because it is popular. GeoCities is no gem, either, with its ghastly pop-up ads that never go away.

In 2002, Tallories closed Beast Wars Anonymous and repurposed the site as Fanfics by Candlelight, a Backstreet Boys site. She wrote:

I had every intention of keeping what was already archived [on BWA] available, but the merger of GeoCities with Yahoo ended up destroying two of BWA’s three major warehouse sites. As a result, nearly 80% of the hosted stories were lost.

As the archive sat in a ruined heap of broken links and "404" pages, I mused over what to do next. After some reflection and a lot of work, the site you are currently visiting [Fanfics by Candlelight] is the result.[2]

Fans organized an effort to recover lost stories, which were then hosted at Beast Wars International and The Realm of Insanity (now defunct).[3][4]