Earth: Final Conflict

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Name: Earth: Final Conflict
Abbreviation(s): EFC
Creator: Gene Roddenberry
Date(s): 1997-2002
Medium: televison
Country of Origin: Canada
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Earth: Final Conflict (EFC) was a science fiction series based on a concept by Gene Roddenberry, though it was realized after his death by his widow, Majel Roddenberry. The original premise was that aliens, called the Taelons, had come to Earth several years prior to the start of the show, to be welcomed by open arms. They had resolved world hunger and cured many illnesses, but in spite of this apparent generosity, some within Humanity believed that the Taelons had another agenda, a more sinister one, and formed a Resistance movement.

First season episodes were considered to be more 'cerebral' science fiction, focusing more on mystery building and asking questions about both sides of the conflict. However, the season season saw a change in leading man (from William Boone to Liam Kincaid) and also a change in the show's direction. This retooling of cast and premise continued on a yearly basis until the fifth season, which didn't involve the Taelons, or most of the main cast of previous years. Many fans disavowed the fifth season, refusing to watch it, or dropping out after watching only a few episodes, bitterly disappointed, and the series had its grand finale at the end of that year.

Main Characters

The main cast list of EFC had a high turnover, with only one character appearing as a regular part of the lineup for the entire five year run of the show. Characters are listed with the seasons in which they appeared as regulars. Some of them appeared in episodes after their regular appearances had ended.

Regular Characters

  • William Boone, Head of Security and Director of Interspecies Relations (Season 1)
  • Lili Marquette, Pilot, Assistant to Boone and later Sandoval (Seasons 1-3)
  • Ronald Sandoval, Companion Protector, attaché to Da'an, later aide to Zo'or (Seasons 1-5)
  • Augur, Resistance Hacker (Seasons 1-3)
  • Jonathon Doors, former CEO of Doors International, Resistance Leader (Seasons 1-2)
  • Da'an, North American Companion, Taelon (Seasons 1-4)
  • Zo'or, UN Companion later Synod Leader, Taelon (Seasons 1-4)
  • Liam Kincaid, Companion Protector, alien hybrid (Seasons 2-4)
  • Renee Palmer, CEO Doors International (Seasons 3-5)
  • Juliet Street, Hacker (Seasons 4-5)
  • Howlyn, Atavus (Season 5)
  • Juda, Atavus (Season 5)

Recurring Characters


The majority of EFC fans were based around forums, the largest of these at first being The Philosophy Sphere, which served as the main hub for fic posting and discussions. It was subject to certain difficulties, not least of which was being hacked and site content replaced with obscene images, and also mods who deleted adult content.

One of the forums set up as alternative to the Philosophy Sphere during this period was Earth Final Conflict Central, created by Seven o'Nine. After Philosophy Sphere closed, many of its members migrated to the new forums.

In 2001, Earth: Final Conclict writer Seven contacted several members of the EFC Baum forums to ask them to allow an archival of their stories[1]. This sparked some controversy, as several german writers expressed that the german archivers had put a lot of work into the Taelon library and thus wanted to keep their works there. It was agreed upon to use links instead[2].

In 2007, livejournal user fantasmabob announced the creation of the community efc_revival in the efc livejournal comm[3], but its existence was short lived.

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