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Name: Angels Fall
Owner/Maintainer: AKA Jay aka ashjay
Dates: May 2002[1] – c. 2004 or 2005[2]
Type: Renee/Howlyn fansite and archive
Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
URL: (offline; archived by the Wayback Machine)
Angels Fall - E:FC - Season 5 at Yahoo! Groups
Site graphic by AKA Jay.
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Angels Fall was an Earth: Final Conflict fansite and archive for the Renee/Howlyn pairing. It was run by AKA Jay (ashjay) and may have been the first Renee/Howlyn fansite.[3]

Site Content

  • Updates - On the main page. Last updated June 3, 2002.
  • Fanfiction - Nine stories by six authors.
  • Images - Five screenshots from the show and three altered images by AKA Jay.
  • Quotes - Partial transcripts of Renee/Howlyn exchanges from the show and a "Quote of the Week".
  • Links - Placeholder page; links never added.


  • A Matter of Time by AKA Jay (4 chapters)
    After an encounter with Howlyn, Renee begins a journey that will take her to places she'd never imagined. A romance/suspense/adventure with a Rennee/Howlyn slant that's difficult to explain.
  • The Ties that Bind by B'Danya (3 chapters)
    After a request for a cell sample, Renee's and Howlyn's relationship gets more complicated. Chapter 3 up, but incomplete.
  • The Chamber by Noonstar14 (7 chapters)
    Howlyn has found a way to change Renee into a hybrid, or has he? This story is about Renee's fight and will have a H/R get together with a twist. The rating just went up so read it already.
  • In the Darkness by Noonstar14 (1 chapter)
    The Atavus have flown their ship and we're on the downslide. Renee is going insane and is captured by Howlyn. This is very dark and may later have some sex..
  • Dance of the Atavus by Tamysan (4 chapters)
    Renee Palmer and Howlyn resolve their attaction for each other with a bargain, but will it be one that Renee regrets?
  • Nocturnal Courtship by Tamysan (3 chapters)
    Howlyn's pursuit of Renee Palmer takes another sinister turn..C& C welcome, continuing story in chapter form.
  • Longing New by Tellergirl (8 chapters)
    Howlyn wants Renee. He hunts her. Chapters 4 & 5 revised after viewing newest episode.

Yahoo! Group

Joining the new group at yahoo is a great way to stay up-to-date as to what's happening. My stories will be posted there, and any update news, and also anything else you want to post that's related to those wacky Atavus and their associates. *g*

-- Website main page[1]

The Yahoo! group was started on May 14, 2002, and was apparently open to pairings other than Renee/Howlyn:

This is a brand-spanking new group created for two reasons: One, to allow me to post my (quasi) Renee/Howlyn fanfic and announce updates for my website at: . Two, to let other people post any comments or fanfiction about E:FC's season five, be it Renee/Howlyn, Renee/Boone, Renee/Army Guy or any other pairing. Heck, fix Street up with someone if you want to, it's about time. *g*

-- Group Description[4]

Only a handful of legitimate messages were posted to the group, including fics by AKA Jay and Noonstar14. Today, the large majority of messages are spam.


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