Donna Lynn

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Name: Donna Lynn
Alias(es): donna_lynn, DonnaLynn
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Dark Angel, Mutant X, Troy, The Walking Dead, others
Communities: Max and Alec Fan Fiction Archive
URL: Donna Lynn's Dark Angels Archive (offline)
donna_lynn at LiveJournal
Donna Lynn at FanFiction.Net
DonnaLynn at AO3
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Donna Lynn is a fanfiction author in many fandoms.

She ran Donna Lynn's Dark Angels Archive from September 2001 to 2009. In 2009, she removed her fanfiction from the site, instead linking to her stories on her LiveJournal. She also posts at FanFiction.Net, although she deleted most of her old stories from the site in 2016.

She had previously run the Max and Alec Fan Fiction Archive, which closed in September 2002.

Donna's Earth: Final Conflict fanfiction was also hosted at Spherites' Fanfiction Archive and Angels Fall.

Fandom History

Donna wrote on her site in 2006:

I started writing back in 1999 and posted my first story Poor Little Sick Marine on 9/17/00, six years to date! In those six years I've written a number of stories and have grown as a writer. What has kept me going in those six years? The writers response to each and every story no matter the content. [...] With my six year anniversary on the horizon I want to say thank you to all my fans...I wouldn't be here without you, thank you![1]