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Name: Donna Lynn's Max and Alec Fan Fiction Archive
Date(s): c. 2001 – September 2002
Archivist: Donna Lynn
Founder: Donna Lynn
Type: Max/Alec fanfiction & resources
Fandom: Dark Angel
URL: (Wayback)
The Max and Alec Fan Fiction Archive, as archived by the Wayback Machine on August 15, 2002. (Images were not archived.)
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The Max and Alec Fan Fiction Archive was a Dark Angel archive for Max/Alec stories, run by Donna Lynn. It closed in September 2002 and became Donna Lynn's personal author site, Donna Lynn's Dark Angels Archive.

Originally, stories were primarily not hosted on the site itself but at FanFiction.Net, with the site serving more as a fic listing. There were plans for it to host more stories, and even to serve as a refuge for stories at risk from's purge of NC-17 fiction, but it is unclear how many stories were archived before the site closed.

According to Donna Lynn, at the time it was the "one and only Max and Alec Archive that [she knew] of."[1]


In May 2002, the site was remodelled and "sized down" to make space to host more fanfiction.[2]

In response to FanFiction.Net's September 2002 ban on NC-17 fiction, Donna offered her site as a refuge to authors who were or could be affected. She posted on her FanFiction.Net profile:

I would like to make a request to my fellow Max/Alec writers. Any author that has any Max/Alec fan fiction please allow me to post them on my website and any future stories you write out of convenience for both of us. That way you're not having to waist your time with submissions and I'm not having to waist my time with checking my e-mail every time you get a new story. Please just take a moment of your time and e-mail me it will be the only time you ever have to I will do the rest by checking your profile here at FanFiction.Net. Thank you very much for everyone's support of my website![3]

Donna announced on September 26, 2002 that she would be closing the archive due to "uncontrollable reasons", and leaving up only her own fanfiction "for the time being", citing a lack of time to dedicate to the site.[4]

The site became a repository for Donna Lynn's stories alone, although she also offered to host fanfic written by other authors in response to one of her challenges.[5]


Stories were sorted by title, author, status, category, spoilers, and rating. There was also a page for fanfic challenges.

As of April 2002, over 100 Max/Alec stories were listed on the site. Authors include:[6]

Alexz RecoroAstro Purplebizkitprinzess (no link) • Dark-Queendarkangel-rellyDarkAngel246DarnielleDaxisSteeleDizzyDonna LynnDrea JackmanDustygirltypeHobbes19JillybeanJinxLicketyBooLilalimonaLizMichelle Drakepari106Plainjane452PreciousJaxsirenaSpoiledLilAmyStarrVee017Veritas4Eternity (no link) • worrie

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  • Character Bios
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