Dark Angel (television series)

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Name: Dark Angel
Abbreviation(s): DA
Creator: James Cameron Charles H. Eglee
Date(s): October 3, 2000 – May 3, 2002
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: United States
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Dark Angel is a TV series that ran for two seasons and starred Jessica Alba as a genetically engineered supersoldier called Max who escaped from a secret government facility when she was a child. It is set in a dystopic future in Seattle. Max works with an activist called Logan Cale (played by Michael Weatherly, currently playing Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS, where some DA fans followed him) to help people who suffer under the current regime of corrupt politicians and policemen and organised crime. In season two (which also starred Jensen Ackles as Alec, another gengineered supersoldier) the main focus shifts to the transgenics (other genetically engineered beings) and their struggle for a life in the human society.

Dark Angel Fandom

The fanfiction written for Dark Angel is mostly het and focuses either on the pairing Max/Logan (M/L) or on Max/Alec (M/A). In the first season, Max/Zack was the alternate het 'ship to Max/Logan, although it never reached the popularity of Max/Alec. Some of this may have been due to fakecest, since Max regarded Zack as her older brother. Although the series did feature an openly gay character, Original Cindy, there is not a lot of femslash in the fandom, though that number is growing, and OC/Max/Alec and Alec/Max/Logan threesome stories have begun cropping up from time to time.

Heat fic is a common story trope in the fandom, similar to Star Trek's Pon Farr stories, inspired by the overt sensuality of Max' heat cycles in canon.

The popularity of Supernatural, co-starring the actor who played Alec, has led to the slash crossover pairing of Alec/Sam being fairly common. More rarely, fanworks feature Alec/Dean, a same-actor crossover pairing.

In 2015 was created a petition to bring back DA With the possibility of a Movie, everyone can find it in change.org https://www.change.org/p/james-cameron-fox-charles-h-eglee-new-dark-angel-petition-for-a-movie?recruiter=56760814&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

Terms Specific to Dark Angel Fandom

'09er (oh niner)
any of the twelve X5s from Max' unit who escaped Manticore in late February 2009
All transgenics except Joshua have a unique twelve digit Manticore serial number imprinted in their DNA to display on the back of the neck as a barcode.
usually the final three digits of a transgenic's barcode number, often prepended by their series. eg: X5-452 for Max
period of elevated sexual desire experienced by Max two or three times a year, and lasting a couple of days
nomalie, nomlie
childhood name among the X5s of Max' unit for monster, usually applied to transhumans, sometimes to X series soldiers with serious flaws
Pulse, The
At 00:05 PDT, June 1, 2009 a high-atmosphere nuclear burst emitted a catastrophic electromagnetic pulse that wiped out much of the computer data storage in the continental United States, particularly west of the Rockies. The country plummeted into economic depression which persists into the 2020s.
old, vintage, traditional, sometimes with connotations of higher quality or halcyon days
south african ex-con soldier modified for high adrenal activity by a neural implant in the brainstem
a person genetically designed by Manticore, or having to do with such a person
n. and adj. for the subset of transgenics appearing other-than-human





Message Boards

Mailing Lists

  • Dark Angel Chat And Fic Dark Angel Chat And Fic; archive link Description: "Max is on a quest to find more of her kind with the expensive help of a PI, Lydecker, and a mysterious cyber-genius, Michael Weatherly. Come discuss the show. Share a story. We're open to general, hetero or slash fiction, Smarm and beyond. The stories will be posted to the list archive unless they include a do not archive notation."
  • Dark Angel Slash Dark Angel Slash; archive link Description: "Max is on a quest to find more of her kind with the expensive help of a PI, Lydecker, and a mysterious cyber-genius, Michael Weatherly. Come discuss the show. Share a story. We're slash only here, smarm and beyond. The stories will be posted to the list archive unless they include a do not archive notation. Since I do not have the time or inclination to moderate the posts for minor ears, joining this group lets us all know you are over legal age....be truthful, it's your head."
  • Dark Angel Fanfic Mailing List Dark Angel Fanfic Mailing List; archive link Description: archived by The Dark Angel Fan Fiction Archive. "Dark Angel Fanfic (DAF), is the automated companion mailing list for the Dark Angel Fan Fiction Archive. Original works which are based on popular media and written by fans are considered fan fiction. This mailing list facilitates the distribution of fan fiction based on the television series "Dark Angel.""
  • X-5 X-5; archive link Description: "Dedicated to discussion and fic relating to Manticore products, such as the X-5s. This is not, however, limited to the '09 escapees - Season Two has given us quite a few new characters, regular and one-shot, who deserve some attention. Discussion and fic solely about Max and/or Zack, though, aren't the point here. Those two get enough attention elsewhere. Plus, Pooh_Bah doesn't like Max one bit (she's a little more flexible about the Zack restriction - just don't get carried away)." Another self-description: "This is a list for discussion and fanfiction relating to Manticore personnel, and products such as the X-5s, other X-series, and other transgenics. Regular and one-shot characters alike are fair game. The exception to this is that Max or Alec, since they find enough attention elsewhere, are only on-topic if the discussion or fic in question emphasizes their X-5ness, their Manticore experience, their relationships to other X-5s and transhumans, or the like." Archive/other website: Subhuman, Superhuman - X5 Fic Archive."