Dark Angel Chat And Fic

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Mailing List
Name: Dark Angel Chat And Fic
Date(s): (?)
Type: Discussion, Fanfiction
Fandom: Dark Angel
Scope: Gen, Het and Slash
URL: Dark Angel Chat And Fic; archive link
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Dark Angel Chat And Fic was a mailing list in Dark Angel, for series discussion and the sharing of fanworks. The list accepted gen, het and slash fiction. Fanfiction posted on the mailing list was archived at the WWOMB.


Max is on a quest to find more of her kind with the expensive help of a PI, Lydecker, and a mysterious cyber-genius, Michael Weatherly. Come discuss the show. Share a story. We're open to general, hetero or slash fiction, Smarm and beyond. The stories will be posted to the list archive unless they include a do not archive notation.