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Journal Community
Name: Small Fandoms Fest, smallfandomfest
Date(s): 2007-present
Moderator: spikedluv, sara_merry_99
Type: fanworks and fandom pimping fests
Fandom: small television, movie, book, comic, anime, and video game fandoms
URL: Livejournal profile
AO3 Collection

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Small Fandoms Fest is a Livejournal community that hosts periodic fanworks fests and fandom pimping events for all small fandoms except RPF. Small is defined as the fandom having fewer than 2000 works of fanfiction.[1] The fests are run bi-annually (May and November) on a prompt submission and claim format, and include fanfiction and fan art. As of May 2024, Round 35 is currently running.

Also part of each fest are pimping posts for small fandoms. These posts are treasure troves of resources for fans. Most posts include exhaustive lists of LJ communities related to the fandom as well as an overview, picspam and some off-LJ links.[2]

In 2017, the community permanently moved to Dreamwidth. Starting with Round 24 (November 2018), AO3 is the sole source used to determine if a fandom qualifies as small.


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