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Name: Subhuman, Superhuman
Owner/Maintainer: Pooh_Bah
Dates: April 1, 2001 - January 19, 2002
Type: Archive, Resource/Information
Fandom: Dark Angel
URL: (archive), (info) -- both links are dead.
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Subhuman, Superhuman was a Dark Angel archive and resource site maintained by Pooh_Bah. The focus of the site was on Dark Angel 's transgenic characters: "Stories here will: Include significant involvement/mention of at least one chimera who is not Max or Zack, or focus on Max and/or Zack before the escape (or in an alternate-universe story where there was no escape)." [1]

The site was affiliated with the X-5 mailing list.

Pooh_Bah stopped updating the site in 2002.

Why? Because I'm thoroughly disgruntled with Season Two of Dark Angel. Few of the Manticore projects who wander across the screen are still alive and in the United States by the end of their episode--we saw this kind of continuity collapse with some of the X5s in Season One, but it's so much worse this time around. I just don't have the will to write up information pages for every Transgenic of the Week, and there's no way of telling if a TotW might return. The only characters I could add with any certainty are Joshua and Alec, and it's just not worth my trouble.

I'm leaving this site here for reference, since there may still be interest in the contents. It will not be updated any longer, unless TPTB give us more information about or (dare we hope?) another appearance of a non-Max, non-Zack '09 excapee. [2]


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