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Mailing List
Name: X-5
Date(s): 2001 - (?)
Type: Discussion, Fanfiction
Fandom: Dark Angel
URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/x-5/info (defunct); archive link
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X-5 was a mailing list in Dark Angel fandom.


Dedicated to discussion and fic relating to Manticore products, such as the X-5s. This is not, however, limited to the '09 escapees - Season Two has given us quite a few new characters, regular and one-shot, who deserve some attention. Discussion and fic solely about Max and/or Zack, though, aren't the point here. Those two get enough attention elsewhere. Plus, Pooh_Bah doesn't like Max one bit (she's a little more flexible about the Zack restriction - just don't get carried away).

Another self-description:

This is a list for discussion and fanfiction relating to Manticore personnel, and products such as the X-5s, other X-series, and other transgenics. Regular and one-shot characters alike are fair game. The exception to this is that Max or Alec, since they find enough attention elsewhere, are only on-topic if the discussion or fic in question emphasizes their X-5ness, their Manticore experience, their relationships to other X-5s and transhumans, or the like." Archive/other website: Subhuman, Superhuman - X5 Fic Archive.