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Name: Dark Angel Reverse Bang
Date(s): 2013 - 2014
Moderator(s): dareversebbmod, denyce, dollarformyname
Type: Reverse Bang - Fanart, Fanfiction
Fandom: Dark Angel
Associated Community:
URL: da-reversebang
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Dark Angel Reverse Bang was a reverse bang challenge in Dark Angel fandom. Artists had to complete a minimum of one piece, which was claimed by an author who had to write a fic of at least 3000 words.



Art Title: I Dreamed I Was Missing
Artist: dollarformyname
Rating/Warnings: PG. None.
Fic Title: I Dreamed I Was Missing
Author: ukefied
Parings/Characters: Alec, Ben, Max
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; AU-ish, H/C, depressing? off-screen character death.
Word Count: ~3,625
Summary: Max goes missing. Two people don't stop looking.

Art Title: No Legacy is So Rich as Honesty
Artist: cleo1969
Rating/Warnings: Gen/None
Fic Title: No Legacy is So Rich as Honesty
Author: staysthecourse
Parings/Characters: Catherine Chandler/Vincent, Alec/Joshua
Rating/Warnings:NC-17/Graphic Depictions of Violence, Knotting, Explicit Sex, MPreg, Mating Cylces/In Heat, Graphic Language
Word Count: 25,979
Summary:The history of Manticore is founded upon the destruction of a family. Joshua was more than just the first transgenic, he was also the last chance. He wants to find his family, but the path back home will take many dangerous turns.

Art Title: Trannies In the Mist
Artist: staysthecourse
Rating/Warnings: PG, none
Fic Title: Trannies In the Mist
Author: ladyarcherfan3
Parings/Characters: Alec, Max, Joshua, Mole, White
Rating/Warnings: R for language and gore
Word Count: 14,565
Summary: The morning after a violent thunderstorm, stories about meteor crash and an extra dose of transgenic hate conspire to ruin Alec’s day. And then the mist rolls in. It is far from ordinary and hides a true terror.

Art Title: Fantastic Angel
Artist: queenmidalah
Rating/Warnings: PG. None
Fic Title: Fantastic Angel
Author: feygan
Parings/Characters: Sue, Max, Reed, Johnny
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for wounds
Word Count: 5020
Summary: During a lab accident Sue contains a powerful explosion and is wounded. The only thing that can save her life is undamaged genetic material from her multiversal twin. Enter Max.

Art Title: Music of the HEART
Artist: nanoks
Rating/Warnings:PG, None
Fic Title: Music of the HEART
Author: dollysdoodles
Beta- Reader: dollarformyname
Parings/Characters: Max/Alec, Ames White, Senator James McKinley, Joshua, Detective Clemente, Dix ... yada yada yada
Rating/Warnings:PG, None
Word Count:~14,000
Summary:it’s a melody Alec can’t get out of his head—a song that was programmed in him. It is a song that is classically elegant, and lethal, one that may put Max’s life in danger.

Art Title: My Soul
Artist: by queenmidalah
Fic Title: My Soul
Author: denyce
Parings/Characters: Max/Logan
Rating/Warnings: PG, Post Freak Nation future fic. Slight angst, hurt/comfort with a handful of schmoop!
Word Count: 4,851
Summary: Max receives bad news that Logan’s been injured then has to wait, hope, and pray he’ll be okay.

Art Title: Max Coulson : Agent of SHIELD
Artist: nessataleweaver
Fic Title: Max Coulson : Agent of SHIELD
Author: peaceful_sands
Pairings/Characters: Phil Coulson, Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Max (X5-452), Ben (X5-493), Director Nick Fury, Deputy Director Maria Hill, Natasha Romanov (Black Widow), Zack (X5-599), Alec (X5-494), Joshua, Mole, Logan Cale. At one point there are references to a prior off-screen relationship between Clint and Natasha – nothing detailed.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (some swearing, references to Manticore re-indoctrination techniques)
Word Count: approx 59,600
Summary: X5-452, otherwise known as Max, escaped from the Manticore facility at Gilette, Wyoming and was found wandering through the snow by Agents Barton and Coulson of SHIELD. Nobody’s life would ever be the same again. Phil had never imagined he’d get to be a father, Clint had never believed that he could be responsible for anyone or anything good, and Max had never expected to find a home and people who cared without wanting to use her Transgenic skill set.

Art Title: Take Me Down With You
Artist: tattooeddevil
Rating/Warning: Ranges from PG - R (Master Post has multiple images) Warning for sexual content (but not overly graphic)
Fic Title: Take Me Down With You
Author: k8bnimble
Fandoms: Dark Angel/Dr. Who/Supernatural Crossover (although Supernatural only in that Crowley plays a big role)
Pairings/Characters: Logan/Max, Logan/Max/Alec, Rory/Amy (not primary but mentioned)
Rating/Warnings: Mature (NC-17) - Violence, language, graphic sex (het and slash), thoughts of non-con/stalking (but nothing graphic).
Word Count: approx. 31,500
Summary: Alec has tried to make peace with Logan and Max being together, but when creatures from another universe accidentally grant him powers, the demon that rides along may just take what Alec has always wanted. Can Logan and Max save him with the Doctor’s help?

Art Title: The Spear that went through my heart
Artist: evian_fork
Fic Title: The Spear that went through my heart
Author: hunters_retreat
Parings/Characters: Alec/Jared
Word Count:5000
Summary: Jared Padalecki had a miserable life and it didn't look like it would change anytime soon. When Ames White made him an offer to wipe away his past he didn't have a choice even though he hated the job he was given. Following the girl wasn't too bad but when he accidentally ran into her bike, everything changed. Following her to her work, he met a man with green eyes and a smile he couldn't resist. When Ames White calls in his marker though, Jared is stuck between betraying the man he just may love or being on the other side of Ames White's wrath.

Art Title: Everything Changes
Artist: kj_svala
Rating/Warnings: M. Violence.
Fic Title: Change More Fierce
Author: corbyinoz
Parings/Characters: Alec. Ramone Clemente
Rating/Warnings: Violence, language.
Word Count: 7987
Summary: Ramon Clemente receives an unexpected visitor days after the events of 'Freak Nation'. His encounter with Alec will change everything he knew about his family life, his security and the nature of the 'reaks' he chased into Terminal City; but can he save Alec, as Alec saved him?

Art Title: We Breed Apart
Artist: staysthecourse
Rating/Warnings: Adult/Mature
Fic Title: We Breed Apart
Author: denyce
Parings/Characters: Alec/Zack
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 Alpha/omega dynamics, knotting, possibly dub-con
Word Count: 5,526
Summary: It’s a struggle, but Alec keeps his standard outward appearance of calm, cool and collected. However every time Zack looks in his direction, Alec can see the truth. Not only does Zack think he’s Ben, but the way Zack keeps looking at him it’s a look that’s anything but brotherly.

Art Title: Slippery When Wet
Artist: candycentric
Rating/Warnings: None
Fic Title: Slippery When Wet
Author: tattooeddevil
Paring: Max/Alec
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, angst
Word Count: ~ 3400 words
Summary: Alec is the only one Max trusts when she goes into heat, but that doesn’t mean she has feelings for him. It doesn’t.

Art Title: A New Life or a New Beginning
Artist: evian_fork
Warnings: None
Fic Title: On the Wind to a New Day
Author: cyndrarae
Pairing: Alec/Logan, past Logan/Max
Rating: R
Warnings: mild violence, language, m/m slash
Word Count: ~13,700
Summary: After the revolution, Alec must re-do his life: new apartment, two jobs, a lot of reconstruction, and a young man discovering himself. But there’s one thing Alec wishes he could go back to, one thing that gives his life meaning and purpose. Now if only he can convince Max and Logan to see it his way.

Art Title: Alright
Artist: tattooeddevil
Warnings: None
Fic Title: Alright
Author: antrazi
Pairing: -
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: -
Word Count: 3280
Summary: Contrary to what he says, Alec is not always alright. And sometimes he needs a bit help.

Art Title: Laughter in the Dark
Artist: susanmarier
Rating/Warnings: PG
Fic Title: Laughter in the Dark
Author: denyce
Parings/Characters: Alec/Max, Max/Logan, (others implied: Alec/Asha, Logan/OFC)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, Post Freak Nation. Angsty, sci-fi/future fic. Edges of dark, but IMO blurred edges. Jumps in time, spans over a century, and includes character deaths (although not the main pairing).
Word Count: 4,930
Summary: Transgentics are publicly acknowledged and given their freedom outlined in a treaty until they discover the truth about X5s then declare it open season to hunt them down - alive or dead.

Art Title: Is it worth the Price?
Artist: k8bnimble
Warnings: Violence
Fic Title: Hour of Deliverance
Author: cyndrarae
Pairing: Alec/Logan, Ben/Logan, OMC/Logan, past Logan/Max
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con/dub-con, rape, mostly implied but some graphic violence and torture, language, m/m slash
Word Count: ~24K
Summary: Logan is kidnapped by an organization called the Phoenix, and tortured for information that could stop Max from putting the brakes on the impending human apocalypse. When none of the usual means of extraction work, they bring in someone capable of breaking Logan down in more ways than one. Except maybe this someone isn’t completely immune to Logan himself.

Art Title: Broken Memories
Artist: dollysdoodles
Rating/Warnings: None
Fic Title: Carved Into Your Skin
Author: tattooeddevil
Characters: Max, Alec, Joshua, Ames White, Logan, OC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, h/c
Word Count: ~ 6000 words
Summary: Somehow, White gets the jump on them. While trying to get away, Alec suddenly gets very, very sick and starts hallucinating. The cause? Fire branded runes, burning into his skin. Can they get out and save Alec?

Art Title: Rules of Attraction
Artist: cassiopeia7
Rating/Warnings: None.
Fic Title: For One Night
Author: antrazi
Parings/Characters: Alec/Lux
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Painplay, Bloodplay, Biting, Rough sex, Anal sex, Erotic electrostimulation, Magnets.
Word Count: 3028
Summary: Alec and Lux indulge in a one-night stand. PWP.

Art Title: The good Place
Artist: sammycolt24
Rating/Warnings: None
Fic Title: Forgotten
Author: dollydoodles
Characters: Max, Alec, Ben, Joshua
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, h/c
Summary: Set in the episode where Max saves Alec when he is arrested for the murders Ben committed. When Max shares her memories of Ben with Alec, something happens and Alec is engulfed in broken memories of a past he didn't even think existed. Author's note one: RL is being a bitch right now and my hard disk crashed last week. I had to write this story again. As a result this story still has a WIP status and the last part would be up in a day or two. Please bear with me!. Author's note2: Thanks to my amazing artist for being so patient with me. It meant a lot!

Art Title: What the Wild and the Dark and the Different Know
Artist: nessataleweaver
Rating/Warnings: SFW.
Fic Title: The Bed We Lie In
Author: dollarformyname
Parings/Characters: Alec/Max, and company.
Rating/Warnings: NR. Language. Randomness?
Word Count: ~8k
Summary: It was the bed's fault. Or the combination of the amazingly comfortable bed and the conveniently angled television. Each of these things on their own were enough of a flame to Alec's moth, but together they spelled doom.

Art Title: In the Midnight Hour
Artist: candycentric
Rating/Warnings: G/None.
Fic Title: I Walked the World to You
Author: mandraco
Parings/Characters: Max, Dean, Sam
Rating/Warnings: PG/None really.
Word Count: 3,303
Summary: Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover. Post Freak Nation.
Max is on a mission to find Syl and Krit, but she finds herself waylaid when she runs into a man who looks a lot like Alec and his brother.

Art Title: Max Guevera: Tomb Raider
Artist: clwilson2006
Rating/Warnings: PG
Fic Title: Max Guevera: Tomb Raider
Author: denyce
Parings/Characters: Max-Sketchy friendship, pre-Max/Logan
Rating/Warnings: PG, AU/infusion (with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) tiny bit of angst & schmoop.
Word Count: 3,407
Summary: Max adjusts to life at the manor while her dad is gone out on an expedition and Sketchy is breathing down her neck to be a lady.

Art only

Art Title: The Rules Have Changed
Artist: susanmarier

Art Title: The Transgentic Pranksters
Artist: dollysdoodles

Art Title: So A Transgentic and a Familiar Walk into a Bar...
Artist: cassiopeia7


Author: zara_zee
Artist: rhapsodean
Beta: 9tiptoes
Characters: Alec, Logan, Max, Joshua, and the TC crew.
Pairing: Logan/Alec
Art Rating: R
Fic Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,500
Warnings: animal transformation, catboy!Alec, bottom!Alec, heat, graphic m/m sex, back-story, pseudo-science, simplistic and no doubt inaccurate portrayal of genetic manipulation and epigenetics (but James Cameron started it, so there!)
Summary: Alec made a low growling noise. “Oh yeah,” he said. “Everything’s just peachy. I have a tail, Logan. I had to tear a hole in my jeans to give it some room! And I’ve got ears like Yoda and an overwhelming desire to scratch Max’s eyes out. And you…don’t smell threatening, so my stupid feline instincts have receded enough for my human brain to pick up the reins,” Alec frowned. “So to speak.” In which someone messes with Alec's genetic cocktail and the feline DNA is uh... accentuated.

Art Title: Untitled
Artist: sandrasfisher
Rating/Warnings: PG - no warnings
Fic Title: The End Is Just a New Beginning
Author: peaceful_sands
Pairings/Characters: Max/Alec (slight), (Joshua, Mole, Dix, Gem, Luke, Dalton - brief appearances)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Word Count: approx 6,500 words
Summary: The Transgenics' time in Terminal City is running out and the threat of attack and invasion looms large. Plans must be made if any of them are to survive.

Artist: ladyarcherfan3
Rating/Warnings: The not radio friendly version of Raise Your Glass.
Fic Title: I Get By
Author: skylar0grace
Parings/Characters: Joshua, Alec, Max, Logan, OC, Sketchy
Rating/Warnings: PG/None
Word Count: 2,985
Summary: Listen, Transgenics don’t really do birthdays, especially after that whole fiasco at Jam Pony happened to land on Alec’s “birthday”. But when things have settled down, some files from Sandeman are found, and reveal, among other things, Joshua’s birthday. As expected, shenanigans occur.

Art Title: Falling
Artist: skylar0grace
Rating/Warnings: None
Fic Title: Falling
Author: violettestars
Parings/Characters: Max/Alec, Logan, Mole, Syl
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Word Count: 6,186
Summary: Max always thought she'd be able to have a normal life with an ordinary guy. That all changed once Alec came into her life.

Art Title: untitled
Artist: sandrasfisher
Rating/Warnings: none
Fic Title: Thus With a Kiss
Author: walking_tornado
Parings/Characters: Max/Logan, Alec, Joshua, Original Cindy, Mole, Matt Sung, Sketchy
Rating: PG13
Word Count:~ 7.5 k
Summary: When Max is captured, the plan to free her goes horribly awry.

Artist: ladyarcherfan3
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warning
Author: helena_s_renn
Parings/Characters:X5-494, called Alexei in parts of this story (otherwise known as Alec McDowell)
X5-511, called Kirill in parts of this story (otherwise known as Biggs)
Lola (OC)
Elizabeth Renfro
Other minor characters mentioned by name or in passing.
494/his hand; Alexei (494)/Kirill (511); Alexei/Lola/Kirill (non-explicit)
Rating/Warnings: R-ish; minor swearing, innuendo, sex, violence, xenophobia (of transgenics)
Word Count: ~10K
Summary: 494 and 511 must find and steal a transgenic-saving antidote hidden in a lab at another transgenic breeding site in Kezmekhistan. It's 494's first mission.

Art Title: Untitled
Artist: meus_venator
Rating/Warnings: NA
Fic Title: Felidae
Author: denyce
Parings/Characters: Alec/Jared
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for explicit sexual situations, werecat, heat, drug induced dub-con. barb penis
Word Count: ~ 7, 251
Summary: Renfro gives 494 a new assignment.

Art for Blood Junkie by rhapsodean

Art Title: Blood Junkie
Artist: rhapsodean
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, blood needles, unprofessional medical procedures
Fic Title: Blood Junkie
Author: ladyarcherfan3
Parings/Characters: Alec, Logan, Max, others, (canon amounts of Max/Logan)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for blood, needles, some swearing
Word Count: ~5,110
Summary: One morning, Logan’s legs give out, and he sees the only way to fix it is with another transfusion of transgenic blood. Luckily, he finds a willing volunteer with Alec, but does Logan ask too much of him? Set after Freak Nation.

Art Title: Birds
Artist: dollarformyname
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Fic Title: Birds
Author: denyce
Pairings/characters: Max, briefly implied between Max/Logan, otherwise it’s friendship Max, Alec, Logan, Joshua, or what you might see through colored glasses ;).
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Post Freak Nation, minor character deaths, AU apocalyptic
Word count: 4,177
Summary: Max contemplates the reality that - They’re coming

Art Only

Art Title: Waking Up the Ghost
Artist: dollarformyname

Artist: skylar0grace