Dark Angel Online (Dark Angel site created 2009)

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Name: Dark Angel Online
Owner/Maintainer: Sarah-Jane & David[1]
Dates: 2009 - 2018
Fandom: Dark Angel
URL: http://www.darkangelonline.com/
Dark Angel Online com.png
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Dark Angel Online is a Dark Angel fansite with episode guide, memorable quotes, trivia, transcripts, character bios, cast information, ca. 13000 screencaps and 200 promotional stills, wallpapers, icons, links to other Dark Angel sites and more.

About the site:

Dark Angel Online was created in August 2009, the domain name was bought from Go Daddy and hosting is provided by Radiance. The layout was designed in Adobe Photoshop, and all coding was done in notepad.

As major fans of the TV series 'Dark Angel', David and I always discussed it over msn, and one night we wound up talking about a website, and next thing you know, I'm finishing off the design, putting it online and buying a domain name. With the series having ended 7 years ago now, a lot of the Dark Angel fansites are either no longer online, or have been inactive for some time - and it was our idea to bring a new and current Dark Angel website back onto the web.

However, we also wanted to create a place where you could find all of your DA needs in one place. We know how difficult it can be searching for icons, and wallpapers, you need to look through livejournal communities, and find posts that still contain the icons in them, and as for wallpapers a lot of fanart sites have them hidden on 'Misc. TV Shows' pages. We wanted somewhere that would have all of these sorts of things in an easy to navigate environment for everyone!

So, Dark Angel Online was born, and we've been updating it and trying to add lots of series information, media and have an extensive gallery featuring over 10,000 images including over 100 promotional shots, and some amazing HQ stills.[2]


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