Dreams, Memories and Truths

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Title: Dreams, Memories and Truths
Publisher: Blackfly Presses
Date(s): 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
Language: English
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Dreams, Memories and Truths is a gen Earth: Final Conflict anthology.

cover by Devon Aster

Dreams, Memories and Truths 1 contains 196 pages and is the first volume of a series of stories taking place after the 3rd season episode "Thicker Than Blood". The zine includes four short stories, a novel and a full-colour cover and images by Devon Aster. This zine was nominated for Best Work-in-Progress Story in the Summer 2000 Shaquarava Awards. Winner of Best Ronald Sandoval Story and Best E:FC Fan Fiction Story in the Summer 2000 Shaquarava Awards.

  • A Friend In Deed" (What did Sandoval do, after he discovered that his Motivational Imperative was inactive? Introducing Andrew Patterson, FBI Special Agent. Takes place after the 2nd season episode "Fissures".)
  • "A Father's Dream" (A very short vignette focused on Sandoval. Takes place after the episode "Thicker Than Blood"; about 3 weeks before In Search of the Truth.)
  • "A Close Encounter" (While searching for a present for Sandoval, Liam meets a woman who seems strangely familiar. Prequel to "Surprise!".)
  • "Surprise!" (It's Sandoval's birthday, and Liam has a plan. Takes place between the episode "Interview" and In Search of the Truth. )
  • In Search of the Truth (A series of vicious, escalating attacks leads Sandoval to the discovery of a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Liam receives several shocks of his own. Takes place about 2 weeks after the episode "Interview".)