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Name: Da'an
Occupation: Synod member, diplomat
Relationships: Zo'or (child)
Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
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Da'an is an Earth: Final Conflict character. He is a member of a race of Taelons called Companions by the humans. He is a member of the Taelon Synod and the representative of the Companions in North America, and for a time, the representative of the Synod and the Taelons in the United Nations. Like all Taelons, he is a being composed of over ninety percent energy and has no clearly specified gender, although he refers to himself in the masculine gender in English. He is one of the few Taelons who is genuinely concerned with the human race and sees humans as equals, and this leads him to form close relationships with those around him - William Boone, Liam Kincaid, and Lili Marquette

Da'an is portrayed by Leni Parker.


Da'an and Zo'or - parent and offspring and often also enemies

Da'an and Jonathan Doors - formerly allies and later enemies

Da'an and William Boone - good friends and allies until Boone's death

Da'an and Liam Kincaid - at first good friends, almost parent and son, but over time almost enemies


Boone/Da'an is a common ship and pairs him with William Boone.

Da'an/Liam Kincaid is a common ship and pairs him with Liam Kincaid.

Da'an/Lili Marquette is a common ship and pairs him with Lili Marquette (ambigiously implied on the show)




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