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Name: William Boone
Occupation: Police officer, Liberation spy, Companion protector
Relationships: Kate Boone (wife), Sarah Boone (sister)
Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
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William Boone is an Earth: Final Conflict character. He is the main protagonist for the first season. William Boone served as an army commander in the SI War. He later became a police captain in Ohio City, and after his wife Kate was murdered, he became the Protector of Da'an. In service to the Taelons he was implanted with a CVI (Cyber Viral Implant), a biomechanical virus designed to enhance a person's cognitive abilities and also contains a Motivational Imperative - The Implant (the person with the CVI) has one goal and that is to serve the Taelons and their interests. Boone's CVI was altered by the Resistance to not contain the Motivational Imperative. Boone was the only Implant capable of acting against the interests of the Taelons.

He is portrayed by Kevin Kilner.


Boone/Da'an is a common ship and pairs him with the Taelon Da'an.

Boone/Lili between Boone and Lili Marquette, is implied in the show, but less often portrayed in fanworks.

Boone/Renee is briefly played with in the fifth season.



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