Lili Marquette

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Name: Lili Marquette
Occupation: Pilot, Resistance spy
Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
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Lili Marquette is an Earth: Final Conflict character.

She is portrayed by Lisa Howard.


Augur/LIli: Augur definitely has feelings for Lili in canon, though her own feelings are more ambigious. An uncommon, but not rare ship.

Boone/Lili: implied in the show as one-sided from Lili's side, rare ship in fandom.

Da'an/Lili: ambigiously implied on the show, somewhat popular in fandom.

Example Fanworks

  • In Memory by dayblaze. A fic from Lili's pov that shows her thoughts through out the show and after canon.
  • The Courtship of Captain Marquette by Dot. Da'an/Lili. An adult fic where Da'an is female and they make a trip to a sentient, female planet, where Lili tries to come to terms with her feelings for Da'an.

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