Ronald Sandoval

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Name: Ronald Sandoval
Occupation: FBI agent, Attache to the American Companion
Relationships: DeeDee Sandoval (wife), Liam Kincaid (son)
Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
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Ronald Sandoval is an Earth: Final Conflict character. He is an antagonist in several episodes.

He is portrayed by Von Flores.

Shipping and Relationships

Sandoval's most written relationship is with Liam (12 out of 80 fics on AO3), as the show never showed Sandoval finding out the that Liam was his son and thus many fans wrote their own fix it.


  • For Making Plans [1] by jax. A Yuletide fic from Sandoval's pov.
  • The Definition of Abuse [2] by Barbara. When Sandoval stumbles across an abused child in the park, he learns something about Liam that he never suspected.
  • Reflection (EFC) [3] by Abbs04. Set in early 5th season. Alone in his quarters, Sandoval thinks about Liam.

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