Secrets of Twin Peaks

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Title: Secrets of Twin Peaks
Publisher: Plasma Press Production
Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy (agents)
Editor(s): Doug Giffin
Date(s): 1991-1994
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Language: English
External Links: a Twin Peaks newsletter
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Secrets of Twin Peaks is a gen newsletter that had at least five issues.

flyer for the first four issues

It is "the only fanzine solely devoted to continuing the story from the former TV series. Each issue contains at least one new Twin Peaks "episode," as well as back-up stories spotlighting individual characters, reader letters, commentary, and outstanding original artwork." a Twin Peaks newsletter

Media Monitor calls it a "series of episodic continuations of the television series."

Issue 1

Secrets of Twin Peaks 1 was published in 1991 and contains 20 pages.

Issue 2

Secrets of Twin Peaks 2 was published in April 1992 and contains 30 pages, it contains Doug Giffin's continuation to 'Twin Peaks,' as well as a backup feature

Issue 3

Secrets of Twin Peaks 3 was published in 1992 and contains 40 pages, special double-length issue Included are two "episodes" by Douglas M. Glffln III ...

  • The Honey of Thy Breath" -- "With one final thrust of Cooper's hand, it was over. Her phystcal body would never feel fear again. Cooper screamed Into the night, his primal howl signifying his triumph."
  • "Death's Pale Flag" - "Truman moved in front of Cooper. "AndyI" he called. "I need you to read Agent Cooper his rights, and book him," he ordered."
  • also featured is "The Vapor Tale," a story about Hawk's past and present. Artwork is by Adrian Flores.

Issue 4

Secrets of Twin Peaks 4 was published in April 1993 and contains 32 pages.

Issue 5

Secrets of Twin Peaks 5 was published in April 1994 and contains 30 pages.