The Prisoner (TV series)

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Name: The Prisoner
Creator: Patrick McGoohan, George Markstein
Date(s): 1967-1968, 2009 (remake)
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: UK, USA (2009 remake)
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The Prisoner is a British 1960s tv series. It is a mix of spy fiction and SF, and is sometimes considered to be an example of the spy-fi genre. It was remade in 2009.

The original series has cult status, with a devoted following among fans of British sf. Fans enjoy the series' surrealism & dystopian worldview. Questions such as Who is Number 1? have achieved catchphrase status.

The original series employed a lot of near-surrealism in its set design, costuming, props and overall feel. The idea was that retired secret agents of the British intelligence services were shipped off to The Village, a tidy resort near the sea. McGooghan's protagonist, known only as "Number Six", apparently chose to resign, though we are never told why. He went home, was dosed with knock-out gas, bundled into a removal van, and wakes up in The Village (all in the opening credits sequence!) The place is patrolled by mysterious rolling ballon things known as "Rovers" which capture would-be escapees and envelop them until the security men on their golf carts can show up and retrieve them. A loudspeaker voice advises the Village inhabitants of things like the weather and daily schedules. Six keeps trying to escape. Periodically he is taken for interrogation by Number Two (who tends to inexplicably change every few times). Six won't answer, wanting to speak to Number One. He is, as he is fond of declaring, not a number, but "a free man!" And so it goes...

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