The Prisoner (Prisoner newsletter)

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Title: The Prisoner
Publisher: out of Midland, MI
Editor(s): David Edward Taeusch, co-editors: Jeanne S. Moyer, Karen Esibill, and F.E. Hatcher
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1979 or before
Frequency: monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: The Prisoner
Language: English
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flyer printed in Alderaan #6

The Prisoner is a monthly Prisoner newsletter by David Edward Taeusch.

It is the sister zine, the "American Agent for the British newsletter Once Upon a Time" which was published quarterly.

An ad in Datazine #15 said it cost "$17 for a lifetime membership... can't say more, am being watched."

From a 1979 flyer: "We are an intricate little group who are devoted to examining and perpetuating the ideas of The Prisoner, but also that magnificent man behind this flawless work of film art, Patrick McGoohan. We run Keno Don Rosa's "Secret Agent" index; have a campaign to get SA on late night t.v. in place of Baretta or M*A*S*H*; PMcG's movie index; photos; a listing of TP societies and materials; essays on the Morality play and the tie-in with TP; dealers with PMcG material; classified ads; Swap Shop to trade articles on PMcG... and much more!"

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